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E 127

Mastering Assertion, Leadership, Influence, Relationships, & “Mind Reading” Via Therapeutic Storytelling

Discover the intricacies of effective communication and self-awareness as we engage in a conversation with Nick Urban and Dr. Robert McDonald. In this episode, they emphasize the importance of pain, emotional awareness, and the vital role of openness and vulnerability in fostering genuine connections. Tune in to explore the profound significance of pain as a guiding messenger towards necessary action.

E 125

Ultimate 5-in-1 NeuroTech System for Max Intelligence, Focus, Motivation, Decision Making, Deep Sleep, Relaxation, Performance, Resilience, & Flow States

Unlock your inner brilliance, join Nick Urban with Dr. Drew Pierson and Ms. Paola Telfer on learning the neurofeedback and brain training headset and understanding its benefits and uses. They discussed the various frequencies and states of mind that can be achieved through training, from gamma states fostering happiness and insights to alpha states essential for peak performance.