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Activating Your Body’s Master Regulator

Episode highlights Podcast Sponsor Banner About Scott Scott Schwab is an author, speaker, entrepreneur, and innovator. In 2014 Scott authored the book Standing Accountable: Increase Your Success by Holding Yourself Responsible. In 2018 Scott became a Ted Speaker as he spoke about how Time is killing Education. That same year, Scott was awarded 40 under … Read more

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How to Improve Vision Naturally & Ditch Glasses For Good

Episode highlights Podcast Sponsor Banner About Claudia Muehlenweg Claudia Muehlenweg, founder of Holistic Vision LLC and creator of the Naturally Clear Vision Method, always hated her glasses and has made it her mission to help others see clearly naturally… just like she has done. Claudia is a sought-after international speaker and workshop leader. She focuses … Read more

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Shield Your Body From Electrosmog (EMFs)

Episode highlights Podcast Sponsor Banner About R Blank R Blank is the CEO of Shield Your Body, whose mission it is to Make Technology Safer. With hundreds of thousands of customers in over 30 countries, and having been interviewed on platforms ranging from ABC television to ElectricSense, R is an internationally followed expert on issues … Read more

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Vitality Begins With Understanding (Core Tests)

Episode highlights Podcast Sponsor Banner About Reed Over 20 years ago, Reed recognized people were caught in a “cycle of trial-and-error” and committed himself to be the last person they needed to see. With guidance from top leaders in alternative medicine, he reviewed thousands of labs for thousands of people and made his own observations … Read more

Quench: The New Science of Hydration

Episode highlights Podcast Sponsor Banner About Guest Dr. Dana Cohen has helped thousands of patients find relief from a variety of health problems utilizing the principles of integrative and functional medicine. She was American Board of Internal Medicine certified in 1998. Dr. Cohen served on the Board of ACAM, the leading voice of Integrative Medicine. … Read more

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Episode highlights Podcast Sponsor Banner About Mark England Mark England is a TEDx speaker and co-founder and head coach of Enlifted. He has been researching, presenting, and coaching on the power of words and stories for the past 15 years. Mark holds a Masters degree in education and was an elementary school P.E. teacher before … Read more

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Boosting Brain & Body With Precision using Essential Oils

Episode highlights Podcast Sponsor Banner About Guest Jodi Cohen is a bestselling author, award-winning journalist, and founder of Vibrant Blue Oils, a top resource for essential oils online. After personally experiencing the profound physical and mental benefits of essential oils in addressing her own anxiety, insomnia, and autoimmunity, Jodi wanted to know why. She holds certifications … Read more

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The “Sober Psychedelic” Buzz That Regenerates Your Body, Mind, & Spirit

Episode highlights Podcast Sponsor Banner About Cameron George Cameron George is a researcher, writer, entrepreneur, and the founder of TRU KAVA, a company that is striving to set the industry standard for quality, safety, and education around all psychedelic plants including kava. Since discovering the amazing effects of traditional Kava during his own chronic illness, … Read more

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Bulletproofing Injuries, Preventing Surgeries, Healing Peptides For The Brain & Body

Episode highlights Podcast Sponsor Banner About Dr. Suzanne Turner Dr. Turner is the founder of Vine Medical Associates and the VMA Residency. She’s Double Board Certified, and her thriving practice treats executives and athletes from around the world. Practicing Cellular, Longevity and Performance Medicine, Dr. Turner has special interests and experience in bioidentical hormone therapy, … Read more