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EP 123

Russia’s Secret Remedies For Vision, Hearing, & Skin Restoration

Phil Micans imparts his extensive knowledge of health advancements that are often missed. Learn about precision medicine, the importance of stopping glycation, and the amazing potential of peptide bioregulators. He also delves into the health of our eyes, ears, and skin in great detail.

E 120

Plant-Based Minerals: Nature’s Nutritional Superheroes

Listen in as Caroline Alan of BEAM Minerals discusses the significance of mineral replenishment for a healthy body. Discover the power of fulvic molecules in replenishing essential minerals, improving nutrient absorption, and maintaining natural balance for optimal performance.

E 119

Prebiotics, Probiotics, Postbiotics, Synbiotics, & a Fully Bioharmonized Gut

Dr. Nick Bitz from the Neurohacker Collective joins us to redefine the probiotic game & unleash the bioharmony within your gut. Gain insights into the coevolution of humans and bacteria, and why our modern lifestyle has led to a deficiency in ancestral strains. Explore the exceptional benefits of next-gen spore probiotics and their ability to restore the gut-brain connection, boost cognitive performance, and enhance overall well-being.

E 116

Polyphenols, NAD+, Echo Dosing, Carb Backloading, Nootropics, Adaptogens, & Trauma (Supplement Masterclass)

Unlock Your Peak Performance Potential with Scientific Supplementation by Shawn Wells! Enhance your brain function and boost your energy with scientifically-backed supplements recommended by biochemist Shawn Wells. Discover the power of key ingredients like Alpha GPC and CDP choline for bioharmony, along with adaptogens like Ashwagandha and Lions Mane for stress adaptation. Maximize your neuroplasticity with polyphenols, NAD boosters, and cannabinoids. Upgrade your mental and physical well-being today!

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Pulsed Red Light Therapy, Brain Health, Energy, Mood, Hormones, Lasers

The Healing Power of Light: Enhance your performance and wellbeing with red light therapy. Scott Kennedy, a renowned specialist in laser and light therapy, uncovers the science behind this cutting-edge technique. Explore the benefits of pulsing and ATP energy production, and understand how multiple acute stressors can bolster your endurance and capabilities. Bioharmonize your body and unlock your true potential with the healing power of light.