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E 96

Merging Biohacking, Ayurveda, & Modern Functional Medicine | Awais Spall

Episode Highlights Provide necessary nutrients first and brain enhancers will work far better Learn different systems to gain breadth & depth of bioharmonic understanding Cutting-edge health and ancient Ayurvedic wisdom both prioritize gut/microbiome medicine How to evaluate nootropics through multiple lenses Under-rated peptides and supplements Podcast Sponsor Banner About Awais Spall Awais Spall FDN is … Read more

E 95

Paraxanthine: Ultimate Caffeine Upgrade

Episode Highlights Paraxanthine is responsible for almost all of caffeine’s benefits and has no drawbacks Paraxanthine is far more consistent than caffeine DrinkUpdate gently lifts all beneficial brain chemicals Compared to caffeine, paraxanthine improves biomarkers of health 88 out of 90 consumers want to reduce caffeine intake Tips & tricks to get the best effects … Read more

E 94

Miracle Vapor of Health, Performance, & Vitality

Episode Highlights Brown’s Gas is highly safe and 30+% more beneficial than molecular hydrogen The right form of lye is not dangerous, and the design of the AquaCure AC50 prevents any potential issues Benefits of Brown’s Gas are incalculable for both sick and healthy users looking for an ergogenic performance boost George replaced coffee with … Read more

E 93

Nature’s Secret Medicine (Silver Biotics Science, Safety & Uses)

Episode Highlights Quality colloidal silver is profoundly anti-microbial and immune supportive Most silver products are toxic & unregulated Silver Biotics is FDA-Cleared for rapid wound healing & proven more effective than triple antibiotic creams Real silver is highly stable and a great additional to any home first aid kit Podcast Sponsor Banner About Steve Revelli … Read more

E 92

Secrets From $45K Spent Optimizing Sleep

Episode Highlights The 7 major sleep disruptors Sleep is one of the highest leverage activities to prioritize Which is better, side sleeping or back sleeping Tweak to effortlessly improve brain detox while sleeping Do wearables & sleep trackers actually have value? 55 prototypes and iterations led to these core ingredients in Sleep Breakthrough How to … Read more

E 91

Fix Your Metabolic Machinery & Transform Your Body (Thyroid Fixxr) | Dr Amie Hornaman

Episode Highlights 60M Americans have hypothyroidism, half have no idea T2 is the bodybuilders secret to boost thyroid, drop crazy amounts of weight, all without burning muscle mass Standard thyroid lab testing won’t provide an accurate snapshot of your thyroid health Typical thyroid medications may be working against you Certain genetic SNPs can dramatically influence … Read more

E 90

40-90% of Americans Have This Stealth Infection (& How To Fix It)

Episode Highlights Candida can present with 75-150 different symptoms Some Candida legally recognized as a cause of drunkenness Candida infection can make essential nutrients (Copper, Vitamin D) unhealthy and dangerous Candida robs the body of nutrients which impairs immunity and detox WHILE dumping toxins into the bloodstream Candida mutates in response to ANY anti-fungal in … Read more

E 89

The Air Advantage (Ultimate Guide To Pristine Air)

Podcast Sponsor Banner About David David Milburn currently serves as VP for the Young Trust, a tech focused VC firm, and the CTO of Hypoallergenic Air LLC. At HypoAir, Milburn has spent 10 years solving some of the world’s worst air quality issues for clients ranging from aerospace manufacturing facilities to hospitals in Brooklyn during … Read more

E 88

Peptides For Hormone & Health Optimization Therapy

Podcast Sponsor Banner About Dr. Folkers Dr. Jacey Folkers is doctor of chiropractic, functional medicine practitioner, author, educator, co-founder of Blokes and Joi. Dr. Jacey Folkers is a graduate of the University of Nebraska at Lincoln with a degree in Exercise Science and Sports Medicine studies. Dr. Folkers completed his Doctorate degree in Chiropractic from … Read more

E 87

Key Traditional Chinese Medicine Wisdom & Tips

Podcast Sponsor Banner About Dr. Chloe Weber Dr. Chloe Weber is a mama on a mission, looking to empower others to take control of their health and wellness through proactive healthcare and small consistent steps in the direction of their goals. Chloe is also the very proud mom to an amazing little boy named Remy … Read more