Enjoy the Benefits of Fasting Without Starving

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Episode Highlights

FMD is for people who want to experience better effects from their fast Share on XMice that received one meal a day at either the wrong or right time—specifically in the morning—in a calorie-deficient setting lived 13% longer when they ate at the right time Share on XYou can enhance your fast by consuming cysteine & glycerol Share on XOne study on animals showed that the fasting mimicking diet had better effects on inflammatory bowel disease compared to a water fast Share on XOften, the diet that gets you healthy is not the same diet that will keep you healthy Share on X

About Inge Lindseth

Inge Lindseth is a registered dietitian who sees the diet related aspects of health from two primary angles: Aging, & the microbiome. He’s a clinical nutritionist from the University of Oslo & works at House of Health in Oslo.

He specializes in gastrointestinal issues, diabetes, obesity, and improving athletic performance. Inge emphasizes sustainable dietary changes that address emotional, social, and practical challenges.

He authored “Femdagers zerostilling” in 2023, introducing a fasting-imitating diet with everyday foods in Norway. Inge also lectures for health professionals and contributed to the CARBFUNC dietary study at the University of Bergen. Inge is currently writing a book on the slowing of aging.

Inge Lindseth

Top Things You’ll Learn From Inge Lindseth

  • [5:46] The Fasting Method For People Who Struggle to Fast
    • What is the “Fasting Mimicking Diet” aka FMD?
    • Who is the FMD for?
    • How the FMD Works
    • How the FMD is structured compared to other fasts
  • [16:02] How To Practice the Fasting Mimicking Diet
    • When to actually stop eating in the day
    • Why 5 days & only 750 calories per day
    • Which food to avoid on the FMD
    • What can you eat & drink on the FMD
    • Pathways & mTOR to avoid when doing the FMD
    • What are fasting menus & how to use them
    • How to properly time your FMD meals
  • [17:00] Benefits of the FMD to Your Overall Health
    • Having variation vs sticking to routine when it comes to fasting
    • Superfoods that are most commonly repeated in FMD:
      • Parsley
      • Ginger
      • Vanilla
      • Green Tea
      • Berries
      • and more…
    • The compatibility of the FMD for people with gut imbalances or gut health issues
    • How the FMD affects your microbiome
    • The role of polyphenols in the FMD
  • [21:13] Enhancers for Your Fast
    • How you can enhance your fasts
    • What is the maintenance supplement regimen when doing the FMD?
    • Substances that enhance your fast:
      • Cysteine
      • Glycerol
      • Turmeric
      • Pterostilbene
      • Resveratrol
      • Ergothioneine
      • Spermidine
      • Berberine
    • Why the timing of supplements matter
    • The role of polyphenols in the FMD & how it affects your body
  • [35:45] Common Questions & Results of the Fasting Mimicking Diet
    • Is fasting or FMD still effective for older people?
    • Should you tone down exercises when fasting?
    • What not to do when on the FMD
    • Results people obtained from doing the FMD:
      • Mental results
      • Physical results

Resources Mentioned

  • Consultation: Work With Inge Lindseth
  • Inge’s Book: Femdagers nullstilling by Inge Lindseth
  • Article: Amplified Fast: How To Improve The Benefits & Results Of Fasting
  • Article: 9 Best NAD+ Supplements Review & Comparison (2024)
  • Pubmed Articles: Inge Lindseth
  • Book: Ultra-Processed People: The Science Behind Food That Isn’t Food
  • Teacher: Valter Longo
  • Teacher: Marcus Aurelius

Episode Transcript

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Connect with Inge Lindseth @ House of Health

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