“Ketohol” Alcohol Alternative: Better Buzz, Better Health

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Science of Ketone Esters & Hard Ketones (1,3 Butanediol) | Frank Llosa @ KetoneAid

It’s 2022, and you’ve probably heard of keto/ketosis/ketones. But you don’t need to follow any diet to experience the profound health and performance benefits of these drinks.

For performance, ketone esters are used and researched by NASA, the US military, brain health experts, Tour de France cyclists, Olympians, and professional athletes in most sports (NFL, NBA, MLB, UFC), and other high-achievers.

A new drink called Hard Ketones contains a different kind of ketone (R1,3 Butanediol) notable as an alcohol alternative for social confidence, relaxation, boosting mood, and crushing appetite. Our conversation this week explores how anyone can use these ketone products for greater quality of life.

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Episode highlights

The per bottle cost of ketone esters has dropped from $25,000 to $30 over the last several decades Share on XUsed properly, exogenous ketones can improve physical performance, recovery, sleep, cognition, energy, endurance, promote longevity, and more Share on XR1,3 Butanediol is a different type of ketone that mimics the feel-good buzz of alcohol while actively improving health and performance. The world's first booze with benefits Share on XThe ketone product industry is full of deception, myths, and lies. Use these criteria to choose your products wisely. Share on X

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About Frank Llosa

Frank Llosa is a serial entrepreneur with successes across industries, including real estate, photography featured in National Geographic, and pre-dot com startups. After extensive research, 6 years ago Frank founded KetoneAid — the World’s 1st Ketone Ester. KetoneAid has supplied 80% of the Tour de France teams. Since starting, he’s worked tirelessly to spread information, bust myths, and bring cutting-edge performance supplements to the masses. He sets the bar for affordable quality. In late 2021, he launched Hard Ketones — The World’s First Ketogenic and Ethanol-Free Alcohol made from R1,3 Butenediol. Redefining alcohol and shaping the future of the beverage industry.

Top things you’ll learn from Frank Llosa

  • Ketone esters used to cost $25,000+
    • Insane manufacturing costs explained
  • Why the keto diet became popular
  • C8 MCT oil vs ketone esters
  • False promise of ketone salts
    • Salt overload alleviates “keto flu” symptoms while transitioning
  • Only blood testing (not breath or urine) works for exogenous ketone products
  • Why blood ketone levels don’t really matter
  • Legal loopholes and false marketing used to falsely label products “Made in USA”
  • R1,3 Butanediol incredibly promising with notable (possibly beneficial) side effect
  • Ketone esters vs 1,3 Butanediol
  • The “Brain Energy Gap” theory and ketones for TBI
  • 3 situations in whichs exogenous ketones work amazingly
  • Little known facts about ketone supplements
    • Esters can dramatically reduce blood sugar
    • Useful to quit caffeine and reset stimulant tolerance
    • 50% of most ketone products (racemic) are not absorbed and excreted
    • Combining ketones and glucose can increase inflammation, lactate levels, and decrease recovery
    • Salt load in ketone salts can dangerously skew electrolyte balance
  • Hacks to optimize exogenous ketone esters and salts
    • Take on an empty stomach
    • First thing in AM improves NAD/NADPH ratio optimally
    • Use to suppress appetite post-workout
    • Slow carbs can prevent performance issues caused by ketone-induced blood glucose dip
    • Avoid taking it with glucose
  • Glucose gets uptaken into the brain preferentially before ketones
  • KetoneAid’s Snakewater pre-workout contains 10-15 nootropics and other physical performance ingredients

Resources mentioned

  • Article: Hard Ketones “Ketohol” Science, Benefits, & Review
  • Drink: Ketone Esters for physical performance (code OUTLIYR gets you free shipping)
  • Drink: Hard Ketones alcohol alternative (code OUTLIYR gets you free shipping or listen for an exclusive 15% off code)
  • Drink: Snakewater ultimate nootropic pre-workout with ketone esters (code OUTLIYR gets you free shipping)
  • Book: Ketones: The Fourth Fuel
  • Book: A Field Guide to Lucid Dreaming
  • Book: Quit Caffeine
  • Supplement: Huperzine-A for lucid dreaming
  • Gear: Mindfold Blackout Sleeping Mask

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Nick Urban is a Biohacker, Data Scientist, Athlete, Founder of Outliyr, and the Host of the Mind Body Peak Performance Podcast. He is a Certified CHEK Practitioner, a Personal Trainer, and a Performance Health Coach. Nick is driven by curiosity which has led him to study ancient medical systems (Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Hermetic Principles, German New Medicine, etc), and modern science.

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