Juicing For Vitality

  |   EP110   |   57 mins.

Cherie Calbom

Juicing fruits, vegetables, and produce rides waves of popularity before quietly fading. With more people forgoing plants in favor of animal-based eating, are they even necessary?

Today’s episode covers everything you could want to know about juicing, smoothies, and raw produce.

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Episode highlights

Raw produce contains vitamins, minerals, biophotons, and other life-forcing enhancing constituents not found in animal foods Click To TweetJuicing the wrong way can cause more harm than good Click To TweetWhile juicing you may feel worse initially as your body goes through a “detox” reaction Click To Tweet

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About Cherie Calbom

Cherie Calbom, M.S. is a leading authority on juicing for health and detoxification. Known as “The Juice Lady” and “America’s Most Trusted Nutritionist”, TV chef, and celebrity nutritionist, she’s pioneering the global fresh juice movement. Cherie is the author of 35 books including her bestseller Juicing For Life with over 2 million books sold. She has a Master of Science degree in whole foods nutrition from Bastyr University where she sat on the Board of Regents for five years. Cherie has received two Lifetime Achievement Awards and was also awarded Juicing Expert of the Year 2019 by Global Health & Pharma Magazine. She was George Foreman’s nutritionist and the other spokesperson for the George Foreman Grills. Cherie has lectured worldwide on juicing, detoxing, and fasting including consulting for the Royal Family of the UAE. She and her husband offer juice and raw foods retreats throughout the year. 

Top things you’ll learn from Cherie

  • Liver & gallbladder cleanse recipe
  • Why Cherie drinks three smoothies and juices every morning
  • Benefits of starting your day with raw foods
  • Biophotons for human health
  • Juicing vs smoothies
  • Do you miss enzymes and blood sugar regulation by juicing?
  • Foods NOT to juice
  • Best low-sugar fruits
  • Highest-sugar fruits to avoid
  • Smoothie upgrades
  • Problems and complications of gallbladder removal surgery
  • Why focus on liver and gallbladder health
  • Better to drink multiple juices together or separate
  • Dirty keto, carnivore, and avoiding plants
  • Cherie’s backstory
  • Give your body a “reboot” to discover food intolerances and sensitivities
  • Cravings and feeling crappy initially are part of the normal “detox reaction”
  • Supplement binders to chelate heavy metals and other toxins
  • Tips for juicing/smoothie beginners
  • Cold-pressing and the freshness of juice
  • Hack to bulk meal prep juices
  • Top juicing myths

Resources mentioned

  • Juicer: NAMA J2 (use code JUICELADY55 to save $55 & get free shipping)
  • Supplement: Spirulina & Chlorella Micro-Algae (read my review here)
  • Teacher: Dr. Mercola
  • Teacher: Mike Adams (The Health Ranger)
  • Teacher: Ann Wigmore
  • Teacher: Norman Walker

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Nick Urban

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