The Benefits of Parasites & What You Should Do Differently

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Episode Highlights

You know your own body better than anyone Share on XA well-regulated nervous system is key to addressing parasite overgrowth Share on XDon't live in fear of parasites. They can live harmoniously with the body too Share on XHeal your body gently and safely. It's already dealing with so much toxic load Share on X

About Angela Stinson

Angela Stinson, also known as “Parasite Mamma,” is a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner dedicated to teaching clients how to harness their innate healing abilities.

She focuses on addressing health issues related to parasites and other root causes of diseases, such as heavy metal toxicity, mold toxicity, and stress-induced nervous system dysregulation. Angela’s approach emphasizes holistic healing without claiming to diagnose, treat, or cure diseases.

Angela Stinson

Top Things You’ll Learn From Angela Stinson

  • [4:58] Understanding parasites and their impact on health
    • How common are parasitic infections?
    • Differentiating between undigested food and parasites in stool
    • Challenges with stool sample accuracy for parasite diagnosis
    • Why stool samples often get false results when it comes to parasite testing
    • Different types of parasite cleanse
    • Common symptoms of parasitic overgrowth
  • [20:00] Rethinking your mindset around parasites
    • The shift from “Anti-Parasitic Mama” to a balanced perspective on parasites
    • Recognizing the potential benefits and protective roles of parasites
    • Avoiding a fear-based approach to parasitic infections
    • Understanding that not all parasitic infections are harmful
    • Stigmatization of parasite cleansing in Western medicine
  • [28:55] Laying the groundwork: foundational health changes
    • Making the body inhospitable to parasites through lifestyle changes
    • Stressing diet, lifestyle, and environmental adjustments pre-cleansing
    • Importance of a detoxified body and well-regulated nervous system
    • The role of breathing practices in facilitating toxin release
    • Why you should take steps to strengthen your digestive enzymes
  • [32:01] Using the right protocols to identify parasites
    • Common types of parasites
    • Why you simply can’t ignore them
    • The similarities between parasites and fevers
    • Interactions between health issues and parasitic overgrowths
    • What is the right timing for parasite cleansing?
  • [51:08] Approaches to parasite cleansing
    • Why homeopathic remedies are effective
    • The importance of mineral balancing
    • Addressing trauma and toxic load as part of the treatment
    • Varying lengths and methods of parasite cleansing protocols
    • Avoid strong drugs and hard interventions before seeing an expert

Resources Mentioned

  • Program: Questionnaire & Courses
  • Book: The Emotion Code
  • Book: The Cure for All Diseases
  • Teacher: Dr. Hulda Regehr Clark

Episode Transcript

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Nick Urban [00:00:05]:
You have parasites. No matter who you are, where you live in the world, there’s a very high likelihood you have a parasitic infection, and in fact, as many as 80% of people have one. Our guest in this week’s episode breaks down why that’s not necessarily a bad thing, the hidden blessing of parasites, if you will, the myriad different ways that we contract parasites Mind the causes, the root causes of parasite overgrowths, which lead to infection, the dangers and harms of unaddressed parasite infections, the reasons why virtually no conventionally trained doctors doctors or medical professionals even recognize parasitic infection as a real and prominent issue, the different types of parasites, each of the many potential causes and things that worsen parasitic infections and can set the stage for parasites to grow and reproduce uncontrollably. Some of the most effective universal tips, tools, and suggestions to address parasites. Hint, it’s not always the antiparasitic drugs and herbals that are often championed on TikTok and on social media, the incredible role and power of your nervous system to build resilience against infection, Mind, conversely, why it’s one of the first places to go if you’re looking to implement a parasite protocol. Our guest this week is known as the parasite mama. Angela Stinson shares more of her backstory in the episode itself, but she is a holistic health care professional dedicated to teaching clients how to harness their innate healing abilities. She focuses on addressing health issues related to parasites and other root causes of disease, such as heavy metal toxicity, mold toxicity, stress induced nervous system dysregulation, and a whole lot more.

Nick Urban [00:02:10]:
Angela’s approach is to implement the core pillars and optimize those core pillars of holistic health. If you take away nothing else in the episode, I hope you realize just the power these classic pillars have in terms of not only mitigating parasites, but for their myriad health benefits. You can find the show notes and a link to everything we discuss and even to work with Angela herself. If you want, you can get a free consultation, and you can continue to work with her after that, or you can just consume some of her content, some of her courses, some of her Instagram posts, all, which will be in the show notes for this episode at Mind. I definitely learned a few things in this episode, and I hope that you do as well. Try to keep an open mind, and let’s explore the unsexy world of parasites with Angela. Angela, welcome to Body Peak Performance.

Angela Stinson [00:03:09]:
Thank you so much for having me.

Nick Urban [00:03:11]:
Well, I’ve been looking forward to this conversation because it is gonna be on a topic that I have not talked much about, but it keeps coming up in my daily lyme, in the things that I’m reading Mind the things that I hear on other podcasts. And because when things just keep resurfacing like that, I like to dig into them and to explore them further, so I thought you’d be the perfect person for this. But so far today Awesome. Let’s start off with, unusual nonnegotiables you’ve done for your health, your performance, and your bioharmony.

Angela Stinson [00:03:45]:
Number 1, I never, never even look at my phone or turn on any artificial lights until I have gone outside in the morning, seen the sunrise. I take my dogs out. I ground my bare feet in the grass every morning, and I just make sure that I take time to really get my circadian rhythm set. When I first started, lyme, opening my practice, I was working, like, 7 days a Peak, and I was just burning the candle at both ends. And I really realized, hey, I need to practice what I preach. And so I really, especially the last, this last year, have really focused on cutting down my hours and making sure I don’t even work on Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays. I really only work Tuesdays through Fridays, and I make sure that I’m really doing the things that I need for me.

Nick Urban [00:04:41]:
Yeah. I mean, it’s easy to preach one thing, and it’s a lot of times harder to actually follow through and do that ourselves. One thing that you mentioned that I wanna dig into Mind we’ll be talking all about a lot today is your experience outdoors. And specifically, I’ve heard that being barefoot, depending on the surface you’re walking into, can increase your susceptibility to parasites.

Angela Stinson [00:05:06]:
I know. I get that a lot. Why are you putting your bare feet on the ground? So one thing that I always tell people is parasites are everywhere. They are literally everywhere. We can inhale an egg and be exposed. So living in fear, and there’s a lot of fear based stuff out there right now, especially on TikTok about parasites, and it makes me crazy because we’re meant to live in harmony, so we can’t get away from them. And so the benefits far outweigh the risks and really the goal, which we’ll dig into more, you know, obviously in this session is make your body inhospitable so parasites cannot thrive when you get exposed because we’re gonna get exposed quite often, in our lives.

Nick Urban [00:05:53]:
I completely agree with you. I don’t know why it’s controversial, but it is. If you ask most mainstream doctors, most conventional Western doctors, they will tell you that unless you’ve traveled to certain countries and you’ve gotten sick, say India, and you’ve gotten, like, dysentery or something, that there’s no reason you should be at all concerned about parasites, let alone, like, actually test and do any protocols around them. And you’re right, there’s a huge component of like the terrain of our body and how healthy we are increasing our Health lack of health, increasing susceptibility. But how common are parasite infections, whether it’s lyme the full clinical diagnosis or even just subclinical infections?

Angela Stinson [00:06:34]:
Parasitic infection, not everybody has a severe parasitic infection. When you’re looking at, you know, research from, like, the CDC and stuff like that, they’ll say that about 50, Nick% of people have a parasitic infection. I find that, it’s much higher than that. Everybody on the planet has parasites. Again, we’re meant to live in harmony with them. They actually do help our immune system. They go through the body and suck up other toxins. When they get overgrown, then you start running the risk of having major health issues because the parasitic infection is overgrown.

Angela Stinson [00:07:18]:
But, again, why is it overgrown? You know, we have to look at the other factors that are allowing the parasites to get overgrown in the 1st place. But I would say it’s closer to about 80% of the population has a pretty severe parasitic infection.

Nick Urban [00:07:37]:
So why is there that discrepancy? I knew this was coming when you first mentioned that it’s not everyone, which is a stark contrast to what we’ll hear when we go to the doctor’s office that almost no one in developed countries liver the US have them. Why is there this big disparity between what you see in clinic and what doctors say to their patients?

Angela Stinson [00:07:59]:
So the big problem is the testing is very unreliable. So most of the time when you go into a doctor, they’re gonna do a stool test and stool tests are less than 10% accurate because number 1, most parasites aren’t even gonna be in the GI tract. They’re gonna be hiding in the organs of the body, the tissues of the body, and parasites can actually secrete an enzyme that self destructs their own body and their own DNA within 15 minutes of leaving the host body. So when you think about, hey, I’m gonna give a stool stress, you do the stool sample, you send it to the lab, and it sits there quite often for many days before it ever gets tested. And so that by that point, any parasites that were in there, have already self destructed. And again, most of the time, unless it’s like a full moon cycle where parasites are most active Mind maybe you happen to catch some in the stool sample, in the GI tract at that lyme, But again, testing is so unreliable, less than 10% accurate, unfortunately. And then I have heard from some friends that are in the medical field that even the way that they’re training these days in the medical system is that when somebody comes into the office and starts talking about parasites, that they have a psychosis. I’ve had many clients that have actually been referred to going into a psych unit because they’ve gone to the doctor and said, hey, I really think I have a parasitic infection.

Angela Stinson [00:09:49]:
So even the training around it is to automatically assume, oh, Body. This person’s crazy. Mind so and then you pair that with testing that’s very unreliable, and it makes for kind of a mess, unfortunately.

Nick Urban [00:10:04]:
I came across a stat that 11 out of 12 stool samples are wrong or they’re false they’re false negatives. And so you can see that must be a big issue. How do those people who come in know that that’s what they have? Like, why would they think that out of all things?

Angela Stinson [00:10:23]:
I mean, there are a lot of factors here. A lot of lyme, clients come to me when they’ve actually seen things pass. They’ve tried and experimented and done parasite cleansing. They’re like, what is this coming out of me? My doctor thinks I’m crazy. And the same thing happened to me in my own healing journey when I went to my doctor and I’m like, I’m doing this cleanse, stuff’s coming out, and he did stool testing Mind he’s like, there’s nothing. There’s nothing. And I was like, well, then what are these? I actually brought what I was passing to him Mind he’s like, I don’t know. He’s like, you’re eating Health, maybe it’s an asparagus spine.

Angela Stinson [00:10:58]:
And, you know, you just kinda get treated like you’re cuckoo. And then people are starting to obviously, you know, parasite cleansing is kind of like a big trend right now. And so people are starting to do more research and they’re trying these cleanses or they’re looking at lyme symptoms of parasites Mind they’re like, oh my gosh, that’s everything I’m experiencing. So it kind of takes them them down that rabbit hole.

Nick Urban [00:11:25]:
I wanna explore that with you in one second but before we do there’s probably some validity to that though.

Angela Stinson [00:11:35]:
And it can. And that’s one thing that I cover. I have a parasite group that’s free Mind people come in and they’re like, hey. You know, how do I know if this is a liver fluke or tomato skin? Because I did eat tomatoes. And I’m like, well, you’re not really gonna know unless you take in the liver fluke or the parasite itself and have it tested. And, again, having it taken to your doctor, they’re probably gonna dismiss you as crazy. So unless you’re seeing an infectious disease specialist, a lot of people have actually gotten so desperate that they take it to the veterinarian and saves, this came out of my dog. And then they get validated, because the vet is like, oh, yeah, let’s test this.

Angela Stinson [00:12:17]:
That looks like a roundworm or whatever. So a lot of people don’t have enough enzyme production or bio production going on and so there’s a lot of undigested food. So sometimes I tell people, you can send me pictures and I can help you identify, but sometimes I can’t even figure out what that is that you passed. So

Nick Urban [00:12:38]:
And other animals commonly have parasite infections, and that’s not disputed. That’s, like, understood and recognized and, like, a normal part of, like, treatment and pet health, but not for humans.

Angela Stinson [00:12:52]:
Yeah. Sadly. Now the thing is it was common. There are actually some of the earliest writings known to man talk about parasite cleansing Mind it’s something that was very common in those ancient cultures. And there are still some cultures that regularly do 2 to 4 cleanses during the year as maintenance. Mind unfortunately, in Western medicine, there’s been a lot of propaganda that’s been spread about, you know, oh, this is misinformation or these people are crazy old wives. You know, it’s a wives’ tale or whatever, but we are mammals. We are exposed to these things.

Angela Stinson [00:13:34]:
And so regular cleansing, you know, a couple times a year is a really an amazing tradition that we’ve sadly gotten away from.

Nick Urban [00:13:42]:
It seems like there’s 2 different types of parasite cleanses. There’s the subtractive and then there’s the additive. Lyme, some people I’ve seen online actually introduce certain parasites for, like, controlled reasons to act therapeutically. What’s your take on that? Do you ever see that working and being a good idea?

Angela Stinson [00:14:03]:
When it comes to my practice, it’s not typically I’m not gonna go and add parasites in for a client, but there are so many great experts, Doctor Klinghardt, I don’t know if you’re familiar with him, but he’s he talks a lot about, you know, some people don’t have enough parasites Mind there’s got to be a perfect balance. There really does. And this is where I tell people lyme the yin and the yang of it is really important because some people are like kill, kill, kill, cleanse, cleanse, cleanse all the time, and they are stripping away so much good stool.

Nick Urban [00:14:39]:

Angela Stinson [00:14:39]:
That’s you’re just causing way more harm than good. But there are amazing studies where people actually ingest parasitic cleanse. Some studies with autistic children where it goes in and it start those parasites go in and they start sucking up lyme all the heavy metals that that child’s been exposed stool, you know, and it it’s amazing. So there’s gotta be a perfect balance for sure.

Nick Urban [00:15:03]:
How do you know where that perfect balance is? Because that seems like it’s gonna be a very elusive balance.

Angela Stinson [00:15:09]:
I know. It’s very bio individuals. So first, when a client comes to me, obviously, we’re gonna work on foundational things and drainage. If you can’t poop, you can’t sweat, you know, all of those things, we’re gonna start there. And I am a huge, huge advocate of really regulating the nervous system. Because if you are super stressed, you’re not gonna pass anything. The body will not detox and let go of things that it doesn’t need unless it feels safe and relaxed. So that’s a big one for me that I’m always hammering home with my clients.

Angela Stinson [00:15:47]:
Like, what do you need to do to regulate your nervous system? What needs to get out of your lyme, whether it’s a toxic relationship, whatever it is, because that alone will allow parasites to thrive in the body. And then as when we get into parasite cleansing, I generally start with, we’re gonna cleanse during a full moon cycle for 3 to 12 months in a row. And again, it’s very bio individual. Peak need fewer than 3 months, and they’re like, I feel amazing. And then we can cut back to cleansing 2 to 4 times a year during those full moon cycles as maintenance, but some people need a little longer than 12 months. So really the goal is we’re gonna cleanse every full moon cycle until you notice your health issues are going away. And once that happens, then you can cut back and do some maintenance cleansing 2 to 4 times a year.

Nick Urban [00:16:43]:
I wanna get more into the how to, the tutorial, the

Angela Stinson [00:16:47]:

Nick Urban [00:16:48]:
Like, theory behind it and how it all works. But before we go onto that, what are some of the common symptoms so people can start creating a checklist of, like, okay. I experienced this, this, this. Maybe it’s worth looking into. Perhaps I don’t experience any of these. So there’s I’ll wait until later Mind, like, till I start experiencing some of these to actually look into it more. Yeah.

Angela Stinson [00:17:06]:
So, really, every health issue known to man can be traced back to parasitic infection, which, yes, there’s there’s gonna be overlap. So there can be like, hey. I’m having health issues because of heavy metal exposure or mold exposure, whatever. But ultimately, where we always start is gonna be addressing parasites because they hold on to all the other crud. So I always start there first as far as, like, order of operations. But some of the common ones for parasitic, you know, signs of parasitic overgrowth are gonna be anal itching, teeth grinding, insomnia, night terrors, rashes, food intolerances, lots of digestive issues. You know, your dairy issues are a big one. Anytime there’s a dairy issue, absolutely, that’s related to parasitic overgrowth.

Nick Urban [00:18:01]:

Angela Stinson [00:18:03]:
Cancer. Yeah. Every time. Every time. I have so many clients that come to me with dairy issues and obviously we I like to focus on raw dairy, but, but if there’s a dairy issue, then that tells me we’ve gotta address parasitic infection. We see those issues start to go away. The food intolerances disappearing as we work on it. But if you’ve been diagnosed with anything, you know, whatever label the doctors have given you, whether it’s cancer, fibromyalgia, lupus, MS, whatever it is, we need to go after parasites for sure.

Nick Urban [00:18:37]:
Wow. Yeah. That’s one of the things that got my attention about this field of study to begin with is that it seems that it can Yeah. Underlie just about anything and everything. And what’s cool about what you said is that in terms of the order of operations, so you have a a Optimization of symptoms. You can’t explain it. You don’t know where it’s coming from. The first place you can go to the very root would be to evaluate it as a potential parasite infection.

Nick Urban [00:19:04]:
And even if it’s not and you work on these same things, then you’re gonna improve your health regardless because a lot of them are like general detoxification and healthy habits.

Angela Stinson [00:19:14]:
Exactly. And and again, like I always tell people, there are multiple root causes, obviously. But when it all comes down to it, whatever the root cause is, let’s say you’re living in Mind. Well, guess what? Mold exposure allows parasites to get overgrown because they’re trying to suck up all the mold to protect you. Same thing if you’ve been exposed to heavy metals, they’re gonna get overgrown to protect you. You know, same thing if it’s trauma that’s not addressed or your nervous system is super bioregulators. Those lower vibrational emotions, again, they allow parasites to get overgrown in the body. So

Nick Urban [00:19:51]:
Tell me about the decision to rebrand, rename, at least on Instagram, because I know that you went from

Angela Stinson [00:19:58]:

Nick Urban [00:19:59]:
Go ahead. Go ahead.

Angela Stinson [00:20:00]:
Antiparasitic mama. Yeah. Yeah. So, gosh, so in my own journey, when I really I mean, ever before I ever became a practitioner and specialized in this, I was a girl that was on desk doorstep, and so I was doing all this research. How can I heal myself naturally? Of course, I came across parasites, and I did things all the wrong way. And so I was really aggressive. I didn’t know about, you know, order of operations and making sure my body was ready first and regulating my nervous system. So when I started kind of sharing my own journey and then when I was in school to become a practitioner, everyone was like, oh, you’re like the parasite cleanse, you’re a parasite.

Angela Stinson [00:20:44]:
And I was like, oh, anti parasitic mama. And that’s what I went with for a couple years. And really last year, that really stopped resonating with me, especially the more research I was doing. I’m a giant nerd, so I’m always researching Mind what classes can I take Mind let me see some different perspective here and read some different studies? And the more I realize that there’s gotta be a balance. I am not anti parasites. We’ve gotta have them. We need them.

Nick Urban [00:21:12]:
It’s interesting you look at the word itself. Parasite means that it’s damaging something for its own gain, Mind that’s the way that we use it in pop culture. And to think that parasites that we view as always having these certain attributes might actually be benefiting us Mind protecting us from mycotoxins or from heavy metals. It’s like such a radical departure from the mainstream view of

Angela Stinson [00:21:39]:
them. Yeah. Especially like I mentioned before, the fear based stuff out there is really overwhelming right now, and a lot of people come to me or come into my group Mind they’re like, I’m terrified. I’m gonna die. Parasites are killing me. And I’m like, well, first of all, what you believe is gonna happen. The cells in your body are listening, so change your mindset. There’s gotta be a balance Mind trust your body’s healing process Mind let’s go after why they are getting overgrown.

Angela Stinson [00:22:10]:
Now, obviously, parasitic infection is no joke. Like, when they are overgrown, they are literally sucking the life out of you, and it’s not good. They’re defecating in you. They’re reproducing. They’re releasing ammonia, like all this crap. So you’re gonna feel horrible. So you wanna address it. But on the other hand, I always tell people, like, stop living in fear.

Nick Urban [00:22:33]:

Angela Stinson [00:22:34]:
Stop living in fear. It’s not a demon attacking you. You know, like a lot of people believe, there’s there’s just gotta be a natural balance.

Nick Urban [00:22:42]:
So if I was to come with you come to you right now and say that, hey, I really think I have parasites. I want to be aggressive and get rid of them ASAP. How would you reframe that? Would you saves, like, let’s make sure that you’re detoxifying first and that you don’t have heavy metal excess or you’re not in a Yeah. Mold and mycotoxin infested house, what would your approach be?

Angela Stinson [00:23:06]:
So first, I would have you fill out my health questionnaire, which is really detailed. And I really ask people lyme, I wanna know about lyme what they’ve been exposed stool, what’s their job, have they been, you know, think back all the way to childhood, you know, were you aggressively bitten 1 summer camp by a ton of mosquitoes Mind now you have Lyme disease and you don’t know it? You know, have you had a ton of vaccinations and, you know, you’ve you’re full of heavy metals or you’re, you’ve got your Wi Fi on 247 Mind, you know, because even that exposure allows parasites to thrive before. So I really dig deep. And then not everybody chooses to do testing through me, but most clients wanna stress, because that’s the really good way for me to see what’s going on in your body and stressing your body out the most. Because some people, there are no parasites stressing out the body. I’m gonna do 1 to 3 months of working on foundationals. Let’s clean up your diet. Let’s clean up your life.

Angela Stinson [00:24:10]:
Let’s start getting outside, grounding, shutting off your Wi Fi, stop sleeping next to your phone, stop being glued to it, you know, stuff like that. Let’s get you sweating. Let’s get you pooping bioregulators. All of those things, we’re gonna start there. And then, I mean, most of the lyme, we see a huge change there. And even just those foundational things, people start passing parasites because the body starts to feel safer and more relaxed. And it’s like, oh my gosh, I can release some of this that is no longer serving me, so to speak. Mind then once we do that stuff for 1 to 3 months, then we start working on regular parasite cleansing.

Angela Stinson [00:24:51]:
And I often kind of combine stuff to address heavy metals as well, at the same time as parasite cleansing.

Nick Urban [00:25:00]:
I also noticed that nervous system regulation has been saying you’ve emphasized a number of times so far. So it sounds like that has a big importance for this.

Angela Stinson [00:25:07]:
It is huge. And Peak will come to me and say, how can I get rid of all the parasites or how can I get rid of all the heavy metals? I want my I’m gonna do a heavy metal cleanse Mind I’m like, you can’t decide. You can’t just be like, I’m gonna do a heavy metal cleanse and now I’ve gotten rid of all the heavy Health. Or if the body’s not ready to dump that, it’s not gonna dump it. And the fastest way to allow the body to let go of that stuff is to regulate your nervous system. And we are so dysregulated today, unfortunately. We’re just bombarded with

Nick Urban [00:25:44]:
Yes. I also assume that like getting control, taking control of your breathing patterns and learning to nose breathe and to do some deliberate breath work practices, those are gonna help pretty universally.

Angela Stinson [00:25:59]:
Huge. And I have an online free nervous system class where I talk about all the different things that you can do. Now, obviously, there are a ton of things that are gonna bioregulators your nervous system and toxic overload in the body is stressful to the nervous system. But there are a lot of things too that you have to that are out of my scope of practice. So for example, trauma, I’m not gonna sit with a client and address trauma, but I am gonna encourage them, like, get into some sort of program where there’s some sort of limbic brain retraining, and you’re speaking with a professional that can help walk you through that. Because if you’re constantly being triggered, again, those emotions are a lower vibration Mind it does allow parasites and other pathogens to really thrive in the body. But even if you don’t have trauma, there are other things that are bioregulators the nervous system, mouth breathing, like you mentioned, huge. So I always talk about that.

Angela Stinson [00:26:56]:
So really getting good breathing from the diaphragm, breathing through your nose, grounding, spending time in nature, listening to healing frequencies, disconnecting doing a social media detox where you take certain days Mind you’re like, I’m not even gonna look at my phone. And trust me, when I did it, when I started doing it for me, oh my gosh. I couldn’t believe how many times I just automatically was, like, wanting to look. I’m like, why am I so glued? Like, why do I have to look 200 times a day to see if I got a message like that all the scrolling, artificial lights after sunset, you know, stuff like that is really bioregulators for the nervous system.

Nick Urban [00:27:46]:
Strong circadian rhythm, minimizing bright blue light, especially at night Yep. And then getting early morning sunlight, ideally grounded, ideally after you’re also on a walk or something, so you’re knocking out a bunch of these all at the same time.

Angela Stinson [00:27:59]:
Yeah. Definitely. And I always like, when I when I’m working with a client, we talk about, you know, these things and I make a game plan for them Mind I always tell them, you know, don’t try to tackle all of this at once, just pick 1 or 2 things a week to kind of focus on changing, because it can be overwhelming. But when you really master that nervous system work, it really starts to bring just everything back into balance for sure.

Nick Urban [00:28:27]:
I know that a lot of this is extremely bio individual. It varies tremendously from one person to the next based on life circumstances, genetics, epigenetics, and so on. But in working with all those clients, have you found any universal things aside from, like, breath work Mind I guess just aside from, like, the general concept of nervous system regulation that tends to help across the board, has, like, little things that we can add to our routine or even subtract from our routines.

Angela Stinson [00:28:55]:
So definitely building up stomach acid is a huge, huge Performance. And most people do not have enough stomach acid. And so that’s something foundational that I work on with every single client. Let’s help your body make more bile. Let’s help your body make more digestive enzymes. Let’s help your body make more stomach acid. A lot of people are diagnosed with, like, GERD or, you know, and they get put on these, you know, acid blockers Mind it’s it’s usually the complete opposite. They don’t have enough.

Angela Stinson [00:29:30]:
And that is your very first line of defense against parasites or any other pathogen, viral, bacterial, whatever. Because when you’re exposed, we should have a nice strong stomach acid that burns that stuff up upon contact, but most of us don’t. And so that’s a foundational thing that works across the board for people. And then homeopathy is another thing I use a lot, especially when I do testing. I like to test and see what does that client’s body want? Because some some people are like, boom, they’re ready to go strong go to straight to strong herbs, And other people, they need something much gentler. And so homeopathy really helps with that as well. But stomach acid, for sure, that’s a really, really big one too.

Nick Urban [00:30:24]:
A lot of these bodily fluids have, like, incredibly beneficial and powerful antimicrobial properties lyme stomach acid and bile and even enzymes. If you’re not digesting your food, then you’re you can run into other complications.

Angela Stinson [00:30:38]:
Yeah. And enzymes are crucial for breaking down parasites as well. So if you’re not producing enough, yeah, huge, huge. Even when I have a lyme, before we when we’re just working on foundationals, before we ever get into major cleansing, I’ll get clients on, let’s increase your stomach acid, let’s introduce an lyme, and Body, they start passing parasites without even using strong herbs because it is so important. The when the body is like, oh my gosh. I’m finally getting what I need. Like, it can start to just naturally release that stuff and break it down.

Nick Urban [00:31:15]:
And are these digestive enzymes or more along like the proteolytic and systemic enzymes?

Angela Stinson [00:31:21]:
I usually do a mix of both. Typically, I start with digestive enzymes stress, especially lyme when I do testing, I’m looking at is their body producing enough stomach acid? Is their body producing enough enzymes? And it will show me when I do testing what they’re deficient in. And so I try to tailor it to that, like, oh, you’re not producing enough pancreatin or amylase or, you know, whatever. And we’ll we’ll mineral go after that stuff first. But, yeah, it’s any kind of enzyme is gonna help when it comes to parasitic overgrowth for sure or any kind of pathogenic over growth, candida, whatever it is.

Nick Urban [00:32:01]:
What’s your testing protocol? Because you’ve mentioned the issues around stool testing, and I have a feeling you have a better version. You mentioned the qualitative assessment, and that’s huge lyme very overlooked in general when it comes to health. And I find that the best practitioners tend to have pretty thorough and comprehensive questionnaires and assessments that people answer. But what does your process look like?

Angela Stinson [00:32:22]:
Once someone does the questionnaire, if they decide to do testing, and I can tell you after working with 100 and 100 of clients at this point and in my own journey, I did every test you could imagine trying to find out what’s wrong with me. And now my favorite type of testing is bioenergetic because everything has an energetic frequency, everything, including deficiencies, parasites, heavy metals. And so I really wanna look at, again, what is stressing that client’s body out the most. And so it’s a saliva sample and either a teaspoon of hair from anywhere on the body or a teaspoon of nail clippings. So I have a machine test that, and then it’s gonna show me what are is going on as far as stress with hormones, nutritional deficiencies, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, stomach acid. And then it’s gonna look at anything stressing the body out toxin wise. So parasites, viruses, bacteria, heavy metals, chemicals, fungus, mold, mycotoxins, all of that. And again, there are so many tests out there, but again, they’re not as accurate.

Angela Stinson [00:33:37]:
So GI mapping, for example, or a urine mycotoxin stress. That stuff’s not always gonna be in the GI tract or coming out in the urine. Your body’s probably holding on to it in the tissues and the organs. And so when I do bioenergetic, it’s really looking at those frequencies of what’s stressing out the body the most. And then I test against about 5 to 600 different remedies, and I wanna get Wow. 5 or 6 that are customized for that specific client. So I do not believe in blanket protocols. I cringe when I see people say, buy this.

Angela Stinson [00:34:17]:
Most of my clients come to me after they have already spent 1,000 of dollars. Mind they’re like, I’ve been on this protocol it’s $500 a month, and I’ve been doing it for a year and a half, and your body may not want that. So Yeah. I don’t want my clients on a 1,000,000,000 supplements. Let’s just get 5 or 6 things that are uniquely suited for your body that are resonating with you. And let’s work on taking those for a few months because that’s what your body wants at this stage right now to start kind of balancing out. So I try to really do a customized approach, and I don’t want my clients again spending a ton of money. I was a broke single mom on disability when I was trying to figure out how to heal my body.

Angela Stinson [00:35:03]:
And so I really try to carry over, yes, we want high quality stuff, but where can we get a discount? Let’s find stuff that’s not super pricey. It should not cost a fortune to heal your body. It just shouldn’t.

Nick Urban [00:35:18]:
Yeah. I’ve been digging into each of the different forms of testing over the last couple of years. And the more I look into them, the less convinced I am of their actual, like, diagnostic capacity and their Yeah. Accuracy and specificity and all that because you might not be looking at the right part of the body to get this or the test itself might fluctuate incredibly from day to day or even hour to hour. And then also it depends on the lab you send it into. Like, you send the same exact sample into 2 different labs, and you can get, like, 20% margin of error or higher. And it’s lyme, wait. How can we base entire health decisions on these types of things? And I’ve come across bioenergetics in this capacity again recently multiple times, and it’s an area that’s very fascinating to me, but I haven’t done much digging into it.

Nick Urban [00:36:04]:
How does it compare? Are you seeing, like, a high correlation between, like, the actual, like, true positive diagnoses that people get from their doctor when they’re actually right and they detect the parasite versus the bioenergetic system?

Angela Stinson [00:36:18]:
Totally different. So for example, I just had a new client come to me recently, and he had blood work, stool testing. He did a urine test for molds. Like, he did a GI MAP, and he was lyme, everything’s normal. Everything looks pretty good. I had a little bit of, like, you know, candy to overgrowth or whatever. But then when we do the bioenergetic testing Mind I’m like, you saves, like, 3 different lyme of types of toxic mold causing stress to your body. And he’s like, but the urine test said I didn’t.

Angela Stinson [00:36:47]:
And I’m like, well, it’s not gonna come out in the urine if your body’s holding on to it. Your body is holding on to it. It’s in your tissues. It’s in your organs. It’s not coming out in your pee. So, it’s I just find that it’s so on point. It’s really been instrumental Mind really helping my clients feel validated, especially when they’ve done all the testing and they’re just told it’s all in your head. So to really get those to see it on paper and go, oh my gosh.

Angela Stinson [00:37:19]:
The bacteria that causes Lyme disease is resonating in my body Mind my body is stressed by it and wants to work on it right now. When they’re like, my blood work said I didn’t have Lyme disease. My my doctor thinks I’m crazy, or my Mind, tool stool hosts said there were no parasites. And guess what? We have 2 or 3 types of parasites causing stress that the body is ready to work on and wants to address. So, again, it’s gonna look at all factors. It’s gonna test you for all parasites, but not all parasites in your body are stressing out your

Nick Urban [00:37:53]:

Angela Stinson [00:37:53]:
So there might be only 2 or 3 types that are like, hey. This is overgrown. My body is, like, saying help. I need you to work on this right now.

Nick Urban [00:38:02]:
And when you’re working with clients saves often as you are, it doesn’t necessarily matter what the gold standard research is currently saying. You care about the things that actually work. And if the lab testing that is supposed to be the best isn’t getting anyone good results consistently, yet this other thing over here that might not be as well researched, but it seems to correlate very highly with the client’s real world experience Yeah. And the real world outcomes, to me, that seems a lot more important.

Angela Stinson [00:38:29]:
The research on bioenergetic testing, it you know, there’s there’s more that’s starting to come around, but it has been a lot of times dismissed as woo woo or out there. I know for me, like, I grew up in a Christian household. So anything having to do with, like, energy medicine was like witchcraft or weird. So when you’re new to it, it can Mind be like, this is weird. But again, a lot of things are energy medicine Mind they’re used now, EKGs, MRIs, ultrasounds, that kind of stuff. So I think that as years go on, and more studies and stuff come out that I think that more people will get on board, but it’s definitely definitely fascinating.

Nick Urban [00:39:15]:
The actual results that you get from a readout, it’s not just gonna tell you the one area that’s in most need of support. Like, for example, if I had a bad night of sleep and then I did the test, I wouldn’t want it to tell me that my cortisol is a little higher or that my lymphatic drainage isn’t quite what it should be. I wanna know more of, like, the longer term trends and things I need to address. So when you’re getting a readout, does it actually

Angela Stinson [00:39:38]:

Nick Urban [00:39:38]:
Peak down multiple things, or is it just the one thing that’s the most in need of help?

Angela Stinson [00:39:43]:
No. It’s so cool. So it’s gonna look at liver body system, and it shows you, like, this color coded printout. So, ideally, we want everything in blue, but it’s gonna tell us, like, hey, your heart is only functioning at 60% or your endocrine system is at 22% right now. It’s gonna look at every system, every single system of the body. And so it’ll give you a readout of that. And then it’s gonna go even further and lay out which parts of those systems are really, really stressed. So for example, the endocrine system that can be pituitary gland, thyroid, adrenals, you know, there are so many factors.

Angela Stinson [00:40:24]:
So it’s gonna tell me, hey, my endocrine system is really stressed, only functioning at 30%. And then under that, it’s gonna tell me out of those endocrine systems, your thyroid is really stressed or your pituitary gland. And so then I, like, I’m I can really customize, like, right, what do we need to do for thyroid work? What do we need to do to support your pituitary gland? Now, when it comes to the customized remedies that are recommended as well, that’s usually gonna also all encompass. So I’m not like, hey, we’re gonna take these remedies and then 20 more. You know, like, I try to really just, you know, keep it a small amount at target URBAN things at a time, whatever’s most stressed. So it’s really fascinating. And then it goes into, of course, any kind of sensitivities, food sensitivities, environmental cleanse, sensitivities. Are you sensitive to EMFs? Are you sensitive to certain foods right now that we maybe need to kind of just stay away from for now for a little bit? And then, of course, it breaks down into amino acid deficiencies, vitamins, minerals, stomach acid, digestive enzymes, all of that, and then hormone systems too.

Angela Stinson [00:41:39]:
Stool say, like, low melatonin or, you know, all of that. So it it really is gonna give you a really complete picture. You get so much bang for your buck, which is I’m a huge fan of too because some of the testing methods out there are so pricey. And when a client comes to me, I’m lyme, they’re like, that’s all it costs for that? And I’m like, I know. I love it. So

Nick Urban [00:42:05]:

Angela Stinson [00:42:06]:
You get so much information from it. So, yeah, I’m I’m a huge fan, obviously.

Nick Urban [00:42:12]:
I’m excited. I’m gonna have to look more into this. I have a feeling the machines themselves based on the complexity of them and the diagnostic readouts you get are quite expensive.

Angela Stinson [00:42:21]:
Yes. So, like, the Quest 4 machine, that we’re we’re basically using for testing is very pricey, into the tens of 1,000 of dollars.

Nick Urban [00:42:34]:
Back on the topic of parasites, I guess we should cover more about the background. Like, what different types of parasites are there that are common? And then also, what is the issue with just not addressing them? Why can’t I just put my head in the sand and pretend like they don’t exist?

Angela Stinson [00:42:49]:
Exactly. So there are definitely a lot of different types of parasites. So we’ve got the big ones that can be seen with the naked eye. And really when it comes to, again, the big parasites, I always tell people when you’re doing a cleanse, some people get really frustrated if they’re like, I can’t see anything coming out. Well, over 60% of parasites are microscopic. So you’re not gonna see them at all, even if you’re like hardcore cleansing. But the big parasites as well, they’re often mixed into the stool. So unless you’re digging around in there and trying to like pull stuff out, you’re often not gonna see them either.

Angela Stinson [00:43:37]:
And they often come out broken apart into smaller pieces. But yeah, as far as types of parasites, so we have helminths Mind the helminths are the ones that are big enough to see with the naked eye. So those are gonna be like liver flukes, tapeworms, roundworms, pinworms, and then we have protozoa Mind protozoa are the single celled parasites that are invisible to the naked eye. And so again, not gonna see those at all. And then we also have, arthropods. And so those are kind of parasitic creatures that are in a parasite category, but those are gonna be like mites, fleas, ticks, things that can actually, like, invade the body or, give things to you, so to Peak, mosquitoes, you know, stuff like that.

Nick Urban [00:44:32]:
Okay. And those so those are the main ones. There are not that many different categories, classes.

Angela Stinson [00:44:37]:
No. There really aren’t. There really aren’t. They kind of all fall into, you know, 3 different categories, basically.

Nick Urban [00:44:44]:
Why can’t I just ignore all this, pretend like it doesn’t exist, make it all go away? Because there’s already enough things to focus on when it comes to health and wellness.

Angela Stinson [00:44:52]:
Really why you don’t wanna ignore it is, again, parasites are constantly reproducing and they’re also gonna reproduce more if your toxic load is really high. So if you, you know, again, if you’ve been exposed to chemicals, heavy metals, plastics, hello, they’re everywhere. We have microplastics in our blood now. They’re gonna get overgrown to protect you. And so as they get more and more overgrown, they really invade. And they’re really gonna go to any area of the body that has had damage or trauma or any of the area of the body that is holding on to chemicals or heavy metals. So they invade the liver, they really burrow into the liver, the gallbladder, the pancreas. For example, there are some studies that talk about vaccinations and things that go into the brain, then you’re gonna get brain parasites because they’re gonna go in there to try to suck that up.

Angela Stinson [00:45:53]:
And it’s the same way with an injury. If you’ve had, for example, they’ll go anywhere in the body that’s weak. So if you’ve had a traumatic brain injury or concussion, because that part is damaged, they really like damaged areas of the body. And so I always talk to my clients too about the emotional aspect of things, like really how certain emotions affect different organs of the body. Mind so, for example, if there’s a lot of anger, frustration, unforgiveness, that’s gonna affect liver gallbladder. And so those organs are now weakened because of those lower vibrational emotions and parasites will automatically congregate to those areas. And it’s the same thing with, lungs. If you’re experiencing lots of grief that affects the lungs, like then you can have more lung issues or flukes that travel to the lungs.

Angela Stinson [00:46:52]:
So there there’s so much to consider. And, yeah, you definitely don’t wanna ignore it. You wanna do something about it so that you’re you’re cleansing just enough that there’s lyme a good balance.

Nick Urban [00:47:05]:
So they will preferentially target the weakest link, an area of an injury, or some Mind of other damage. And by them targeting that organ or system in the body and them burrowing into that organ and reproducing, that’s gonna be causing further issues. And that’s in their attempt

Angela Stinson [00:47:22]:

Nick Urban [00:47:23]:
help, like, mop up some of the damage, but it’s still gonna be having even more detrimental effect on you because of, like, the way they work. So in that case, you wouldn’t wanna necessarily just remove the parasites. You’d wanna address whatever it was that was below the parasites parasites, the issue.

Angela Stinson [00:47:38]:
Exactly. That’s always what I say, like, stop trying to only focus on kill, kill, kill the parasites because they’re gonna keep coming back if you don’t address the other stuff. If you’re not addressing your trauma or your dysregulated nervous system or you’re not addressing your toxic load and you’re just eating processed food and, like, having plastic exposure all the time and heavy metals and whatever, they’re gonna keep growing. They’re gonna keep coming Nick, and it’s gonna be a never ending battle.

Nick Urban [00:48:12]:
So the way I’m seeing now is, like, kinda like the way a fever works in the body to help make the body and mind less hospitable to pathogens, I see that the parasites can be doing something similar. But if you let a fever run out of control and saves it goes to 105, 105 degrees Fahrenheit, you can go into a coma and die. So you wouldn’t necessarily want to let it run its full course if it’s taking you that hot, but you wouldn’t want to suppress the fever if it’s at, like, a 100 degree fever. Like, at that point, you’re gonna be counterproductive to the body and getting over it. So is it someone with parasites that, like, if you have an issue, you wanna let you wanna address the issue Mind the parasites will naturally come back into balance, into harmony with the body. But if it’s getting too extreme, then you’d wanna do one of these cleanses.

Angela Stinson [00:49:01]:

Nick Urban [00:49:02]:
Well, I’d be remiss if we didn’t talk about the actual protocol to address them if they get too far out of balance because I’m sure Peak see the title of this code, they’re gonna be expecting this to be the bulk of the conversation even though it hasn’t been. But what is the protozoa? You mentioned earlier, depending your current state of health and how many of these you’ve done, they can be a year long process or in some cases it can be much shorter. And you also mentioned doing them a couple lyme a year ideally, but if it’s a year long process or even a 4 month process, you can’t really do it a couple times a year and also live because that will be your entire time.

Angela Stinson [00:49:38]:
So let’s say I have a client come to me and they have, like, tons of health issues, then they’re probably gonna need to cleanse a little bit longer, but we don’t cleanse every single day. So I’m only gonna have a client cleanse during the full moon cycles, and it’s about 11 days out of each month that parasites are most active. It’s 5 days before full moon and 5 days after that parasites are the most active and they’re coming out of hiding out of the internal organs, out of the tissues, and they’re coming into the GI tract to feed, reproduce. And so they are most vulnerable to be killed during that time. Mind so when I have a client do a cleanse, that’s when we’re doing it. And not everyone can tolerate a full 11 days of cleansing. So typically, I’m gonna start with lyme 3 days out of that full moon cycle. And I as far as protocols, it’s gonna be different for liver client.

Angela Stinson [00:50:43]:
So part of it is gonna depend on what does it say when they’re testing? Did the remedies that pop up for them, are they going lyme, yep, Let’s go after parasites right now. I’m ready.

Nick Urban [00:50:55]:

Angela Stinson [00:50:56]:
And, again, I I wanna know is that is that client pooping? Are they, you know, sweating easily, all that stuff? But a lot of times, again, the Body not ready for that. And so remedies are gonna say, we’re gonna calm your nervous system. This is for Mind of nervous system stuff, balancing hormones, replenishing electrolytes, lyme know, all that Mind of stuff first. But, as far as protocols, typically, I’m gonna start with homeopathic remedies to address parasites first because they are very gentle yet very effective, especially if, like, obviously, we don’t want pregnant or breastfeeding women doing aggressive cleansing, but they can do homeopathy safely. And so, yeah, so we don’t want, you know, pregnant women or breastfeeding women or anybody that’s in major adrenal fatigue Mind they’re just their body is so stressed out. You don’t wanna go into hardcore cleansing. We’ve gotta calm the body down first. And so, typically, I start with homeopathics.

Angela Stinson [00:52:00]:
If they can tolerate those, then we’ll graduate stool, like, very low dosage herbals. And parasites adapt and they become immune to things very, very quickly. So you don’t wanna use the same thing over and over and over. So I’m a huge fan of saves a couple different herbal things on hand that you can switch out during those full moon cycles to keep the parasites guessing, so to speak. And obviously, we have to have a good binder on hand. I prefer binders that do not contain charcoal because charcoal can be very constipating for a lot of people. And when you use charcoal for more than 3 days in a row, can really actually start to contribute to some pretty severe nutritional deficiencies. So it’s great in an acute situation, but I much prefer, you know, other Mind.

Angela Stinson [00:52:52]:
Pectin, if I have a client, you know, that that is more sensitive or, you know, chlorella, zeolite, you know, different things like that for binders. Some clients do really well on, bentonite clay, some it’s constipating. So, so again, I really wanna know from client to client, you know, if they have a tendency toward constipation, then we go for things that are less constipating. Again, as far as protocols, I don’t have like, hey, here’s my one protocol. I try to really customize it from client to client.

Nick Urban [00:53:27]:
It seems to me like there’s 2 classes here of, like, the therapeutic agents. It’s it’s the stuff that’s, like, building general health, whether it’s, like, improving glutathione status, it’s taking the enzymes, it’s helping your bile with TUD color or something like that. And there’s other things that are the more, like, therapeutic agents that are, like, aggressive and target parasites specifically. And it seems like it would be a good idea to build your body up and provide it with all the raw materials it needs. And then to be a little more discerning I mean, you should be discerning with both, but even more so when it comes to the antiparasitic agents.

Angela Stinson [00:54:02]:
Yes. Exactly. That’s exactly. And I always tell clients, like, it doesn’t matter if you’re a pro cleanser and you’ve been doing this a long time. The foundationals should always be the most important. Like, you know, you’re doing the glutathione levels up with organic coffee enemas or you’re, you know, using castor oil packs or you’re building up your stomach acid and your enzymes and all of those things. You’re sweating, you’re inducing a sweat, liver, kidneys, of course, stuff like that is so important always, always. And again, nervous system, I’ll bridge that stool I’m blue in the face, but that stuff is so, so important always.

Angela Stinson [00:54:46]:
And when you start doing a cleanse and you’re using stronger herbs and you start to feel like, woah, I am not feeling well, you know, again, back off on your dosage and focus more on those foundationals. You know, induce your sweat, do the hot bath with magnesium flakes or whatever it is you’re gonna do stool really keep those drainage pathways opened.

Nick Urban [00:55:12]:
Yeah. I was actually gonna ask you about a number of things you just mentioned such as your take on the importance of minerals and remineralization for like, helping with parasites Mind then also castor oil packs and coffee enemas because those come up all the lyme, and I’ve actually gotten questions about each of those.

Angela Stinson [00:55:30]:
So mineral balancing is one of those foundational things that I work on with clients before we ever start cleansing as well. So not only we’re gonna make sure, hey, we’re gonna work on enzymes and stomach acid and nervous system, but I always go for lyme definitely a foundational thing is mineral Biohacking. Because obviously parasites overgrowth is gonna steal your body of nootropics, and minerals are like the spark plug for every system in your body to work correctly. And so it’s really important for hormone balance. Mineral balancing naturally chelates heavy metals from the body in a gentle way without chelation therapy, which I’m not a fan of. So it’s so important. So, yeah. And so with the client, again, we’re gonna work on those foundational things.

Angela Stinson [00:56:22]:
And if they can’t easily go to the bathroom or they have a lot of digestive issues, I don’t start them straight into coffee enemas. We start with castor oil packs first, and as they build up a tolerance and everyone’s different. Even with the castor oil pack, I never say wear right away all night long. I’m gonna typically start with 30 minutes a day or an hour a day and slowly increase because a lot of clients that come to me have major health issues and they’re very, very sensitive. So I’m I’m always a fan of let’s not stress your body out more. Your your body is already stressed with all this toxic load. So let’s introduce things gently, safely, and just build up a tolerance. And same thing with organic coffee enemas.

Angela Stinson [00:57:10]:
I typically start with, like, a filtered warm water enema, or an organic chamomile tea enema. And if they tolerate that, then we can Mind graduate from there. But, yeah, those things are amazing for really helping to open drainage pathways for sure.

Nick Urban [00:57:26]:
They seem to have so many different, like, broad and beneficial effects that it makes sense outside of parasites also.

Angela Stinson [00:57:33]:
Yes. Exactly. And it’s one of those things that is gonna naturally help your body to get to a place where it just automatically starts releasing bad stuff without even having to use really, really strong herbs or a lot of people are, like, you know, on the ivermectin train or fenbendazole or, you know, whatever. And that should never be the first place you start. It should it can be lyme stool 7, 8, 9, or 10 down the road after you’ve already implemented, you know, all the other things and can tolerate it.

Nick Urban [00:58:11]:
You know, even with some of the, like, greenwashing solutions, like Biohacking, like, a natural herbal shouldn’t be the first solution as you’ve made quite clear in this interview. That can come, but first, you gotta address the other stuff. You want the best, longest lasting, and most beneficial outcomes.

Angela Stinson [00:58:30]:
Because what happens and, again, I did this too before I knew what I was doing. I was I dove straight into, I’m gonna take prescription antiparasitics. I’m gonna take Ivermectin. I’m gonna do strong herbs and just kill these suckers until they’re all gone. Well, number 1, you don’t want them all gone. But number 2, those things, I think that they can have their place, but it’s very bio individual. So not everyone can tolerate it and definitely not a starting point because those things are very hard on the body, especially the liver. And for me, when I took them, my body went into such a state of shock.

Angela Stinson [00:59:13]:
I actually lost my hair and had to shave my head. Wow. And I was having that was horrible. Very traumatic parasite cleansing experience for me. So I always tell people, learn from my stress, don’t do it so aggressively, don’t do that stuff first. And I’ve had clients that come to me after they’ve tried some of those stronger things and end up in the hospital with elevated liver enzymes or, if you’re very, very aggressive before your drainage pathways are open and those foundational things are in place, what happens is the parasites can scatter and burrow even deeper into the body and start forming cysts and tumors because they will try to survive. They don’t wanna die. And so if your if your Body not prepped and ready, it’s a recipe for disaster for sure.

Angela Stinson [01:00:04]:
And I don’t wanna try to create a scare tactic because, again, those things can have their place if your Body prepared.

Nick Urban [01:00:13]:

Angela Stinson [01:00:14]:
But I see a lot of, you know, in parasite groups or again, TikTok where just take this Ivermectin at this really strong dose or take Ivermectin and albendazole and Finben and you know? And it’s just like, oh my gosh. Like, I’m terrified for these people to really do that. And I know some people do, and then then they end up finding me and they’re like, I took all that and ended up in the hospital or, you know, like it was yeah. It’s not a good thing. So definitely just low, slow, and gentle is always the the way to go.

Nick Urban [01:00:52]:
Yeah. That message has become very clear, and I’m in agreement with you. We’ve been going for a while, so we’re gonna start to wind this one down. But if people want to connect with you, to see some of your posts on Instagram, or to visit you on your website, what’s the best way for them to reach you?

Angela Stinson [01:01:08]:
So if they go to my website, parasite, that’s gonna be, like, the best place because I’ve got, lyme, you can click and see my Instagram, my Facebook. I’ve got my free parasites Facebook group on there. They can send me an email. I’ve got my phone number and email on there if they wanna do a free consult or something. I always do a 20 minute free consult, and there’s never obligation attached to that at all. It’s how I give back as a practitioner and help people figure out, am I ready for a cleanse? What might be best for me? Again, based on that really long health questionnaire that I saves them fill out first.

Nick Urban [01:01:47]:
Well, Angela, I have a couple more questions for you before we do. Yeah. If there was a worldwide burning of the books and all knowledge on Health was lost, but you get to save the works of 3 teachers. Who would you choose and why?

Angela Stinson [01:02:00]:
I’m gonna say this is one of my favorites, the emotion code. It talks about how to help yourself release those hidden emotions and traumas that are stuck in the body and cause health issues. So this is a huge, huge one of those foundational things I think is super important. And then Health Clark, the cure for all diseases. Hulda Clark is one of the pioneers when it comes to parasites. And she goes into, like, where they go in the body, you know, different labels that people give for diseases and which parasites really cause those. So her book is amazing. Oh, my gosh.

Angela Stinson [01:02:47]:
It’s really hard for me to Nick. But my husband Mind yeah. My husband and I are, you know, big time into learning stool homestead. And so I love this one, Mind farming on 1 fourth of an acre so that people can grow their own food if they need to.

Nick Urban [01:03:04]:
Yeah. I’m familiar with all those, and I have actually all of them on my reading list. So I I’m gonna say something, and you’ll repeat what I say back and then answer the question Mind like a repeat after me.

Angela Stinson [01:03:18]:

Nick Urban [01:03:18]:
The biggest myth around parasites is?

Angela Stinson [01:03:23]:
The biggest myth around parasites, I would say in this day and age is that they are out to kill you. And you need to just kill, kill, kill all the time in order to prevent them from killing you.

Nick Urban [01:03:43]:
The best approach to addressing parasite overgrowth is?

Angela Stinson [01:03:49]:
The best approach to addressing parasitic overgrowth is regulate your nervous system and figure out what is allowing them to thrive in the first place. Whether that’s plastics, mold exposure, heavy metals, lower vibrational emotions from trauma or whatever.

Nick Urban [01:04:08]:
Something I’m currently researching or am interested in is?

Angela Stinson [01:04:14]:
So something I’m currently researching and interested in, the procedure of actually having people ingest parasites for for benefits, for health benefits. That’s one of the big ones that I’ve been looking into.

Nick Urban [01:04:30]:
You don’t need to repeat these ones anymore, but what is one thing that your tribe does not know about you?

Angela Stinson [01:04:35]:
So one thing most people does they don’t know is that my husband and I recently purchased a 40 acre plot.

Nick Urban [01:04:44]:
Wow, congrats.

Angela Stinson [01:04:45]:
And we are planning on then homesteading. So it’s always been a dream of mine to eventually have a healing retreat. Mind so it’s happening.

Nick Urban [01:04:57]:
Wow. I’m excited for you as well. Well, Angela, how would you like to bring this one home today? Any actionable takeaways you have for people listening in who have made it this far?

Angela Stinson [01:05:06]:
Well, first of all, you know your your body better than any doctor out there. So, listen to your body, listen to your gut instincts. Don’t give up on what you’re researching, whatever rabbit holes you’re looking into because we’re all bio individual. And if you keep seeking, you’re gonna find what works for you.

Nick Urban [01:05:28]:
Well, that’s the perfect way to wrap this one up. Angela, thank you so much for joining me on the podcast. I learned a lot more than I expected about parasites, and I have a new beneficial view of them. And I’m looking forward to staying in touch and talking to you again down the line.

Angela Stinson [01:05:46]:
Thank you so much for having me. It was a pleasure.

Nick Urban [01:05:49]:
Pleasure is mine. Take care. I hope that this has been helpful for you. If you enjoyed it, subscribe and hit the thumbs up. I love knowing who’s in the 1% committed to reaching their full potential. Comment 1% below so that I know who you are. For all the resources and links, meet me on my website at Mind Peak. I appreciate you and look forward to connecting with you.

Connect with Angela Stinson @ Parasite Mamma

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