Biological Dentistry, Vitamin C, & Orthomolecular Nutrition

  |   EP69   |   61 mins.

Thomas Levy

You’ve surely heard of vitamin C. The original supplemental antioxidant. But there’s a lot to this molecule.

Strap in for part one of this crash course on (cheap) essential supplements, the aging effects of oxidative stress, biological dentistry, and much more.

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Episode highlights

The human liver is designed to make vitamin C but missing the crucial 4th enzyme Share on X"Vitamin C is important because it's the primary fuel on which every cell in your body runs” Share on XA nutrient within olive oil can DOUBLE blood vitamin C levels Share on X1g of liposomal vitamin C has clinical impact of 6-7g of regular Share on X95% of abscessed teeth are asymptomatic and stealthily, powerfully, and chronically infect the body with harmful pathogens Share on X

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About Dr. Thomas Levy

Dr. Thomas E. Levy is a board-certified cardiologist and has written six books on health-related issues. He’s focused on how to restore and maintain good health. Even in the face of the many different forms of toxicity that all of us face, typically on a daily basis. He no longer has a clinical practice in medicine and cardiology. Instead, he focuses on research and writing.

Top things you’ll learn from Dr. Levy

  • Why Dr. Levy takes vitamin C and cortisol in the morning
  • Vitamin C and the liver
  • How much vitamin C humans need
  • A primary driver of disease
  • How vitamin C works
  • The role of toxins
  • Two aspects of ongoing disease
  • Oxidation and the free radical theory of aging
  • Babies can make vitamin C but lose the ability
  • Super power of a compound in olive leaf
  • Basic, cheap, and essential supplements
  • Dr. Levy’s experiment with vitamin C and alcohol
  • Molecular hydrogen (H2)
  • Liposomal vitamin C vs regular
  • Buffered vitamin C supplements are dangerous
  • Vitamin C products with rose hips and other bioavailability boosters
  • Blunting hormetic stress with vitamin C
  • Biological dentistry
  • Link between coronary artery disease and pathogens
  • Crucial nature of your vitamin C level
  • What makes oral infections so dangerous
  • The 3D Cone Beam scan
  • Abscessed teeth are common and asymptomatic
  • Dangers of root canals
  • The risk of botox
  • Problem and solution to tonsils
  • Finding biological dentists
  • Why flossing is bad

Resources mentioned

  • Supplement: LivOn Labs Liposomal Vitamin C
  • Supplement: Molecular hydrogen (H2) tablets (save 10% with code URBAN)

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Music by Luke Hall

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2 thoughts on “Biological Dentistry, Vitamin C, & Orthomolecular Nutrition”

  1. Great episode; great guest speaker. Thank you for the helpful information! I was looking for information from Dr. Levy and your interview came up…so glad it did!



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