Biowater, Real Hydration, & The World’s #1 Anti-Aging Elixir

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Jen Isabel Friend Water Science Interview

Life requires water. ~99/100 molecules in the human body are water. We’re basically human aquariums, only as healthy as our internal “biowater”.

This episode explores how the vitality of water measurably impacts us, how to upgrade your own water, and little-known ancestral wisdom.

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Episode highlights

Water is the universal solution that solves problems Click To TweetAging is just the process of drying out slowly Click To TweetOccam's Razor is to examine health conditions through the lens of hydration first Click To Tweet"In one drop of water, you can find all the secrets of the universe" Click To Tweet

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About Isabel Friend

Isabel is an international water advocate, speaker, activist, and educator. She’s been studying water for 12 years and teaching about water for 6 years in 6 countries. Her wellness philosophy centers around the idea that the closer we come to nature, the healthier and more human we become. Contrarily, when we stray from these foundational laws of life, we become ill and feel disconnected from our Source. She’s passionate about bringing modern scientific understanding together with ancient ancestral wisdom in a way that grounds primal elemental practices into our 21st-century lifestyles.

Top things you’ll learn from Isabel Friend

  • Health benefits of hydration
  • How to measure cellular hydration
  • The body is powered by hydroelectricity
  • The science of hydration
  • Form, phase, and function matter more than the quantity you drink
  • Hydration should be the first assessment during medical diagnoses
  • Health consequences of dehydration
    • Even mild dehydration slows metabolism by 3%
    • Impairs cognition
    • Worsens mood
    • Decreases brain function
  • Only 20% of brain function is chemical and treated by medications, but 80% is electrical
  • Biowater mineral-rich cerebrospinal fluid is one molecule different from seawater
  • We are basically human aquariums
  • 5 billion or more bodily reactions depend on water
  • Processed food harms the body, so does processed water
  • Right angles and domesticated water
  • Masculine and feminine water
  • Isabell’s favorite water tools
  • How modern systems destroy water quality
  • Most water actively dehydrates
  • How to get the best, highest-quality quality water
    • Find A Spring
    • Gaia GPS
    • Ask an elder
  • The best water systems for your house
    • Whole-home system (more expensive)
    • Point of use filters and revitalization (more inconvenient)
  • Human emotions charge & imprint water more than anything
  • Entraining objects and people with coherence
  • Ancient humans knew water directly impacts our psyche & emotions
  • Health benefits of drinking coherent water
  • Best tools to upgrade your water
  • Treat your water like good wine and it’ll flourish
  • World’s most therapeutic waters
    • Quinton (this article explains the health benefits and science of Quinton)
    • Hydrogen-rich water
    • Deuterium-depleted water
  • Greenwashed water solutions like nanotechnology and desalination actually deaden water
  • The best water solutions are based on biomimicry
  • How to tell if a water solution is good
  • The truth about alkaline, ionized, and Kangan waters

Resources mentioned

  • Minicourse: Isabel’s water course, a 7 day minicourse on how to enliven and awaken any water back to spring-quality state
  • Membership: Isabel’s daily drip is a 5-10 minute daily communion journal that deepens your relationship with Liquid Life in profound, paradigm-shifting ways
  • Articles: Isabel’s water blog
  • Store: Isabel’s water shop, possibly the internet’s top source for water-enlivening tools, technologies and strategies
  • Gear: AquaTru Water Filter (see my review here and use code URBAN to save)
  • Gear: AquaCure AC50 Brown’s Gas Machine to fix your hydrogen deficiency and stimulate the body’s regenerative mechanisms
  • Gear: Analemma Water Wand (10% off with URBAN)
  • Gear: Natural Action Portable Water Revitalizer (save with WATERISLIFE-20)
  • Gear: Natural Action CarbonGene Charger (save with WATERISLIFE-20)
  • Gear: Natural Action Whole Home Unit (save with WATERISLIFE-20)
  • Resource: Find a Spring
  • Resource: Gaia GPS
  • Gear: Leela Quantum Block
  • Gear: SpringAqua
  • Gear: Ophora Whole Home Unit
  • Supplement: DrinkHRW high-potency molecular hydrogen tablets (code URBAN saves you 10%)
  • Book: The Water Wizard
  • Book: Sensitive Chaos
  • Teacher: Olaf Alexandersson’s translations of Viktor’s work
  • Book: Dancing With Water
  • Book: Water Codes
  • Book: Sacred Water

Connect with Isabel

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Nick Urban is a Biohacker, Data Scientist, Athlete, Founder of Outliyr, and the Host of the Mind Body Peak Performance Podcast. He is a Certified CHEK Practitioner, a Personal Trainer, and a Performance Health Coach. Nick is driven by curiosity which has led him to study ancient medical systems (Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Hermetic Principles, German New Medicine, etc), and modern science.

Nick Urban

Music by Luke Hall

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