Can This Nobel Prize-Winning Molecule Extend Life by 90% (& More)?

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Chris Burres

In 1985 a new form of carbon was discovered, won a Nobel prize…AND rocked the world of healing sciences. This molecule ESS60, once thought to be toxic, just so happened to have profound anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits for the human body. Explore the beauty of Carbon ESS60 for life extension, happy cells, glowing skin, athletic performance, and much more.

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Episode Highlights

Why you should ALWAYS buy supplements from reliable sources and avoid buying fakes

How a simple carbon molecule could almost double your lifespan

Why C60 wins a Noble prize and the healing power it possesses

The precise science behind anti-aging and managing inflammation

The amazing results of ESS60 from migraine support to hair and nail growth

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About Chris Burres

Some may call him a mad scientist, but don’t let the lab coat fool you! Chris Burres has been an entrepreneur since 1991, founding the first company to deliver carbon nanomaterials. When Chris realized that one of the chemicals he sold which was based on Nobel Prize-winning chemistry and researched by NASA, had been proven to increase the lifespan of mammals significantly, he struggled with his own skepticism and with the moral implications of marketing the material, ESS60, as a supplement. Chris has an extensive background in a diverse range of areas including Mechanical Engineering, Comedy Improv Artist, Oil and Gas Explosives, and Competitive Soccer. He’s also the co-founder of MyVitalC a company focused on evolving and growing the ESS60 market.

Top things you’ll learn from Chris Burres

  • Do your research before buying supplements
  • Don’t get scammed by fake Amazon supplements
  • Chris’ 2 simple tips for bioharmony & optimal health
  • The 3rd form of carbon is discovered
  • Why the Nobel prize
  • Toxicity studies
  • Study shows ESS60 increased lifespan by 90%
  • Why ESS60 has miraculous properties
  • How ESS60 can slow down the aging process
  • The BOSS molecule – Studies prove its efficacy
  • How to manage inflammation effectively
  • Elite athletes experience using the ESS60 products
  • This can prevent the AIDS virus from replicating
  • Not all supplements are what they claim to be
  • The amazing results people are having using ESS60
  • “It’s the best thing I’ve ever put on my face”
  • Improved hair and nail growth
  • The BOSS theory: Buffering Oxidative Stress System
  • How to support healthy mitochondria
  • Buffering heavy loads of stress
  • Experiencing less suffering from migraines
  • Neuroprotective benefits
  • The depth of research
  • An alternative to mainstream cancer treatment
  • A personal mission
  • How to choose what products are right for you
  • Brand comparisons studies
  • Dosage

Resources mentioned

  • Supplement: MyVitalC (use coupon code URBAN for $15 off your first order)
  • Book: The Most Beautiful Molecule
  • Book: Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway
  • Podcast: Sam Harris

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Nick Urban is a Biohacker, Data Scientist, Athlete, Founder of Outliyr, and the Host of the Mind Body Peak Performance Podcast. He is a Certified CHEK Practitioner, a Personal Trainer, and a Performance Health Coach. Nick is driven by curiosity which has led him to study ancient medical systems (Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Hermetic Principles, German New Medicine, etc), and modern science.

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Music by Luke Hall

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