Elevate Your Unique Neurochemical “Symphony” With Personalized Brain Elixirs

  |   EP104   |   86 mins.

Mark Effinger

Nootropics are the wave of the future to create bioharmony. Using stealth biochemical precision, nootropics have major potential to upgrade your brain and body chemistry to become your best self. Get the insider scoop on improving your sleep, mental, and emotional well-being…and even your sex life!

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Episode Highlights

Using Nootropics to balance mood and peak performance states naturally

How to get the best sleep for better detox and brain function

What specific peptides activate pleasure and impact neurological function

Discover Nootopia’s world-class cutting-edge formulas/stacks

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About Mark Effinger

Mark “Mr. Noots” Effinger’s father was a Trappist Monk, and his mother a farmer. He showed great potential for invention at a very young age. Mentored by a Ph.D. Microbiologist and Xerox Parc/MIT genius from the age of 5, he dove deep into the world of chemistry, electronics, and optics, crafting his first laser before his 10th birthday.

Top things you’ll learn from Mark Effinger

  • Why Mark goes by “Mr. Noots”
  • How Mark got started with Nootropics
  • Nootropic molecules help discipline your brain
  • Nootropics create neurogenesis
  • How do nootropics work?
  • Nootopia’s nootropic stacks/formulas
  • The role of Acetylcholine (ACH) in learning and memory
  • GABA is a good substitute for alcohol
  • “Alpha BRAIN” relaxation stack by Onnit
  • Gabalicious & ZAMNER Juice helps balance your nervous system
  • Serotonin is a mood-balancing neurotransmitter
  • How SSRIs work in the brain
  • Dopa Drops help motivation and memory
  • Norepinephrine (brain adrenaline) gives your body an energy boost
  • Anandamide (the bliss molecule) creates a sense of pleasure and deep connection
  • Drawbacks of drugs like Adderall and other stimulants
  • Nootopia’s ‘Ultimate Focus’ can be used to titrate and ultimately replace Adderall
  • Sleep is the most powerful stimulant
  • How the body detoxifies when we sleep
  • Nootopia’s Mental Reboot AM & PM amplifies sleep, performance, and detox
  • Nootopia’s approach to automating and creating better custom formulations based on your specific daily needs
  • Benefits and uses of Nootopia’s oil suspension technology
  • How Dopa Drops precisely increase dopamine
  • How signaling molecules balance chemistry in the body and brain for peak performance and rest
  • Paraxanthine can be paired with various cofactors to amplify our reward system and create a sense of euphoria

Resources mentioned

  • Supplement: Nootopia (save 10% with code URBAN)
  • Article: Nootopia Personalized Brain Supplements Review
  • Book: The Great Divorce
  • Book: Dave Barry’s Greatest Hits
  • Book: Strengths Finder

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Music by Luke Hall

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