Activating Your Body’s Master Regulator

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Scott Schwab

Hemp, but not CBD or most cannabis, exerts impressive body balancing effects. Over-active bodily systems slow down, and the under-active accelerate.

By gently activating the body’s system of self-regulation via hemp, you just feel better. But there’s a huge difference between products. CBD supplements may do more harm than good. The key differentiator lies in the farming and extraction practices.

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Episode highlights

The endocannabinoid system is considered the body's "master regulator" Share on XFull or broad spectrum hemp products are vastly superior to isolates (more and stronger benefits, fewer side effects) Share on XAs an aromatic bioremediant plant, hemp absorbs and concentrates all the toxins in the growing environment Share on XYour cannabis, hemp, or isolate can only be as good as the soil it was grown in (and most companies neglect the farming process) Share on X

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About Scott

Scott Schwab is an author, speaker, entrepreneur, and innovator. In 2014 Scott authored the book Standing Accountable: Increase Your Success by Holding Yourself Responsible. In 2018 Scott became a Ted Speaker as he spoke about how Time is killing Education. That same year, Scott was awarded 40 under 40 recognition for his accomplishments in his career.  In 2019 Scott and two partners launched an Agri tech company Mett in the Industrial Hemp industry and began building a Seed to Shelf solution for the industry. Fast forward to today, the business is changing the way we see and experience hemp. With advancements in cell mapping, and data compiling for genome/DNA recognition, Mett and Mett Naturals – the customer-focused brand will deliver individualized recommendations for full and broad spectrum capabilities that connect to the endocannabinoid system.

Top things you’ll learn from Scott Schwab

  • What makes the hemp plant so special
  • How hemp benefits the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS)
    • CB1 and CB2 receptors
    • Many natural ways and foods stimulate the receptors
  • Health benefits of hemp
    • Reduces inflammation
    • Improves recovery
    • Sleep & pain management
    • Controls mood and feelings
  • How stress impacts the ECS
  • Difference between cannabis and hemp
    • Over 113 known cannabinoids, and the ratio is what makes the difference
  • Hemp supplies the body with vital nutrients
  • Could bad farming practices explain the proliferation of the carnivore diet?
  • Problems with most CBD supplements and products
    • Farming yields have increased across the board, but nutrient levels drastically decreased
    • Usually contain heavy metals, mycotoxins, solvent residues, and other toxins
  • Differences between isolates, broad-spectrum, and full-spectrum hemp
    • Isolates don’t work as well and have more side effects
    • Choose full-spectrum hemp unless you are drug tested (extremely low concentration of THC)
    • Enjoy the powerful entourage effect of full or broad spectrum
  • CBD products are only as good as the soil
    • Determines the presence and amount of cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and other constituents
  • Combining different cannabinoids to get specific effects
  • Caution with blindly trying isolates
  • Benefits of CBG
  • Are hemp products addictive?
  • Supplements that go nicely with hemp
  • Stacking with coffee, taurine, glycine, and other nootropics
  • How to best use hemp products
  • How Scott recovered from paralysis

Resources mentioned

  • CBD: Mett Naturals (code URBAN saves 10%)
  • Brain Nootropic: TroScriptions Blue Cannatine (code URBAN saves 10%)
  • Teacher: Simon Sinek
  • Book: The Bible
  • Book: Building a StoryBrand

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Nick Urban is a Biohacker, Data Scientist, Athlete, Founder of Outliyr, and the Host of the Mind Body Peak Performance Podcast. He is a Certified CHEK Practitioner, a Personal Trainer, and a Performance Health Coach. Nick is driven by curiosity which has led him to study ancient medical systems (Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Hermetic Principles, German New Medicine, etc), and modern science.

Nick Urban

Music by Luke Hall

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