How to Improve Vision Naturally & Ditch Glasses For Good

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Claudia Muehlenweg

We’ve been fed a multi-billion dollar lie and here’s the good news… you can naturally and dramatically improve your vision. Even most folks with bad genes can eventually ditch typical (and restrictive) treatments like glasses and contacts.

Best of all, the necessary process and techniques are available to anyone, anywhere.

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Episode highlights

The most important part of natural vision improvement is about what you DON'T do Share on XEyesight is dynamic, constantly changing throughout the day as you make choices. Get an eye chart and measure yourself throughout the day to see for yourself Share on X"In normal daily life, I haven't worn sunglasses in 20 years" Share on X

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About Claudia Muehlenweg

Claudia Muehlenweg, founder of Holistic Vision LLC and creator of the Naturally Clear Vision Method, always hated her glasses and has made it her mission to help others see clearly naturally… just like she has done. Claudia is a sought-after international speaker and workshop leader. She focuses on finding the root cause of her clients’ blurry vision instead of using symptomatic treatments like glasses, contacts, or surgery that can actually make their eyesight worse in the long term.

Top things you’ll learn from Claudia Muehlenweg

  • Blood glucose and vision
  • Retina is the “poor man’s MRI”
    • It’s the only non-surgical window into the body
  • Role of the vestibular system
  • Is natural vision improvement really possible?
  • The truth about glasses
    • They don’t actually correct vision
    • Overprescribed to children
  • The root causes of vision problems
    • More about lifestyle than specific eye exercises
    • We must change core habits
    • Must address eye strain. Strain is a form of stress
  • Why the inventor of Lasik eye surgery wants it banned
    • Vision varies from moment to moment yet Lasik works like a permanent contact lens
    • Side effects can be life-ruining
    • Vision benefits may last only half of one year
  • Basic eye anatomy
    • The natural lens has the power of about 20 diopter
  • Modern life overtaxes systems enabling near vision
  • How to improve eyesight naturally and effectively
    • Blinking is an essential habit
    • Avoid staring
    • Move attention often
  • Do video games destroy eyesight?
  • How light affects vision
    • How to start “sunning” safely
    • Blue light is required for healthy circadian rhythm
    • Optimal evening workstation for eye health and sleep
    • Effect of late-night scrolling and tech usage
  • Darkside of sunglasses
    • Pupil muscles atrophy and dilate behind glasses
    • Overrides innate instinct to seek shade when too intense
    • Sunglasses interfere with melanin secretion and lead to worse sunburns
  • Scary myopia statistics and facts
  • Best ways to start fixing vision
    • Everyone should analyze major life events around first needing glasses
    • Stop these factors that make vision worse
    • Remove corrective lenses whenever it’s safe
    • Get an eye chart and measure yourself often to understand real numbers and huge fluctuation throughout the day
    • Break prescription into two. One for near work, one for far
    • Try palming
  • Visual acuity matters most and isn’t measured
  • Three pillars of healthy eyes
    • Light, rest, movement
  • Peripheral vision, glasses, and “Open Focus”
  • Tips to improve peripheral vision
  • Other modalities and practices that affect vision
  • Link between life vision/purpose and eyesight
  • Best vision supplements and foods
    • Lutein, zeaxanthin, astaxanthin, C60
    • Dark leafy greens, water
  • What is the Bates Method and does it work?

Resources mentioned

  • Course: 21 Days to Better Eyesight
  • Supplements: lutein, zeaxanthin, astaxanthin
  • Teacher: Dr. Bates

Connect with Claudia

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