Melatonin, Methylene Blue, Mitochondria, & Pioneering Regenerative Medicine

  |   EP110   |   91 mins.

John Lieurance

Dr. John Lieurance discusses natural and effective alternatives to address chronic health issues.

We cover the new science of melatonin and methylene blue, mitochondrial optimization, novel supplement delivery mechanisms, light therapy, and some cutting-edge regenerative medicine protocols.

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Episode Highlights

"My personal belief is that infections and toxicity are really at the core of all diseases. And you have both of that happening when you have an infection because of the release of endotoxins." – Dr. John Lieurance Share on XMethylene blue is a safe and effective alternative to antibiotics, improves mitochondrial function, enhances cellular energy, uplifts mood, boosts cognition, and protects the body. Share on X"All diseases are a result of the cell not being able to adapt to the stressor" Share on X

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About Dr. John Lieurance

Dr. John Lieurance is an expert in natural routes to health who believes in allowing nature to perform most of its work to balance the body. He has extensive knowledge about hormone replacement and how it affects the body’s negative feedback loop. He believes that the production of Melatonin is different from other hormones and its use as a supplement will not disrupt the natural rhythm of the body. He also emphasizes the importance of Mitochondria and how it plays a vital role in producing energy for the body through a process called the electron transport chain. Dr. Lieurance believes that almost all diseases are linked to a lack of adaption at a cellular level and that our body needs energy to drive adaptation pathways, without which, things start to break down and become diseased.

Top things you’ll learn from Dr. John Lieurance

  • How to overcome Lyme Disease, toxic mod, and heavy metal exposure with natural solutions
    • Used melatonin, ozone, vitamin C, colloidal silver, and Chinese herbs
  • Common health issues connected to mitochondrial inflammation/dysregulation
  • The resurgence of Methylene Blue for human health
    • Enhances memory consolidation
    • Powerful but safe antibiotic alternative
    • Uplifts mood
    • Boosts energy
  • Less-discussed health benefits & properties of melatonin
    • Powerful antioxidant
    • Unlike other hormones and without the negative feedback loop (safe to use and stop)
    • Circadian rhythm entrainment
    • Energy production/mitochondrial protection
    • Mucous membranes and gut lining integrity
  • The “Cell Danger Response” theory
  • Improving nutraceuticals like melatonin and glutathione using suppository delivery
  • Importance of taking care of the body’s “doorways” to support healthy inflammation
  • Wide variety of health benefits from high-dose melatonin
    • Sleep and beyond
  • How negative emotions create stress hormones and impact our biochemistry
  • How mitochondria create energy in our bodies
    • Common health issues connected to mitochondrial inflammation
  • The benefits of combination treatments and newer regenerative medicine technologies
  • Why recently transitioned to a PMA Club membership

Resources mentioned

  • Article: The Science, Uses, & Health Benefits of Methylene Blue
  • Products: MitoZen and MitoZen (code URBAN saves 5%)
  • Book: Methylene Blue Magic Bullet (code URBAN makes it free)

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Music by Luke Hall

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