Unleash Your Inner Creator

  |   EP27   |   47 mins.

Heath Armstrong

Do you think of yourself as a creative? Creativity and idea generation isn’t just for artists, musicians and the like.

The world needs your gifts and it starts by showing up and creating every day. In this episode, Heath helps us pinpoint and overcome our internal resistance.

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Episode highlights

We can bypass physical limitations with our mind Share on XVirtually all successful people got to where they are by seeking help from others Share on X"When you can learn to love the craft itself, that's when brilliance unfolds" Share on X

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About Heath Armstrong

Heath Armstrong is an Author, the Co-Founder of Rage Create, and an ECommerce Maniac. He is the creator of Sweet-Ass Affirmations: Motivation for Your Creative Maniac Mind, ” several Sweet-Ass Journals, and the host of the “Never Stop Peaking” podcast. After waking up face-down-pants down in his garage during a rock-bottom breakdown, Heath started adopting the strategies of 100+ creative entrepreneurs that he interviewed around the world with the help of a few magical strangers. In 2016, Heath retired his traditional ‘career’ in concrete construction, sold all of his belongings, and scaled his bootstrapped e-commerce startup to hit multiple 6-figure months while wearing mostly undies

Since then, he has worked location-independent from over twenty countries, summited the world’s largest free-standing volcano, survived rafting the Nile River, witnessed exorcisms in Indonesia, and fallen in love with the culture and experience of East African digital education for children. He is also the co-founder of FbaLeadList.com, SellerSpaceship.com, and a founding partner of Releaf Outings, a nature experience company based in Tennessee.

Top things you’ll learn from Heath Armstrong

  • Ancestral practices Heath uses
    • Several different forms of breathwork
    • The science of “Earthing”
  • The most important time to Earth or at least avoid non-native EMF
  • Using adventures to accelerate business progress
  • Adversity will happen, your reaction matters
  • How to reverse engineer your ideal life into existance
    • Tips to find the right mentors
  • Seize opportunities that come your way
  • Build your ideal routines by first adding time for things you like. Then add:
    • Something inspirational
    • Movement
    • Breath work
    • Hormetic stressors
  • Everyone has creativity within them, not just artists, musicians, and “creatives”
    • Creativity is merely acts of self-expression
  • Resistance is the force that cripples creativity
    • Self-imposed limitations are far more limiting than physical limitations
  • How affirmations work
    • Make more believable by adding openness
    • Add detail to convince the subconsious
    • Add emotions
    • Phrase as questions to embed deeper into subconscious by slipping past the R.A.S.

Resources mentioned

  • Videos: Mind Movies
  • Book: Breath
  • Book: Turning Pro
  • Book: Immortal Self
  • Book: Be Here Now
  • Book: Letting Go

Connect with Heath

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Music by Luke Hall

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