80% of High-Achievers Struggle With This

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Mind Body Peak Performance Podcast: How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome | Kris Kelso

Imposter syndrome is one of those things that many people (myself included) feel yet rarely discuss.

Even worse, it’s most common among high-achievers. In this episode, Kris explains tips and tactics to beat imposter syndrome and how to use this knowledge to become more effective.

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Episode highlights

Telling yourself to calm down when in an emotionally charged state always backfires Share on XThe best teachers are just a few steps ahead of their students Share on X"Fail your way to success" Share on X"Greatness is on the opposite side of your comfort zone" Share on X

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About Kris Kelso

Trained and certified as an executive coach, Kris has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs, business owners, and their leadership teams. He is a faculty instructor at the Professional Christian Coaching Institute, an advisor and instructor at the Nashville Entrepreneur Center, a Facilitator / Coach with The Alternative Board, and is a contributing writer for publications including Fast Company MagazineYahoo Finance, and The Nashville Business Journal.

Kris has founded multiple companies and has served on the boards of directors of several non-profit organizations.

Top things you’ll learn from Kris Kelso

  • What is imposter syndrome
  • Virtually everyone experiences it in some domain
  • Why it has worsened in recent years
  • How to reframe imposter syndrome and see it for what it really is
  • Understanding imposter syndrome is half the battle
    • Use Kris’s strategies to counteract
  • Acknowledging imposter syndrome requires vulnerability and risk
  • Facets of life positively impacted by working on imposter syndrome
    • Relationships and friendships
    • Social situations
    • Hobbies
  • Enjoying without the pressure of being the best at something
  • When comparison is healthy versus destructive
  • How the imposter works
    • Imposes fear of failure
    • Tries to isolate you
  • Reframing failure as part of the path to success
    • Failure is an opportunity to learn
    • Only when stakes are low
  • Anxiety and excitement share many of the same characteristics
  • Why telling yourself to calm down ultimately backfires
  • Finding your tribe quickly and effectively
  • Talking to others about imposter syndrome helps you too
  • The best teachers are just a few steps ahead of their students
    • Experts have blindspots and get left behind
    • Be aware of inherent human biases that’ll skew your perceptions

Resources mentioned

  • Book: Overcoming The Imposter
  • Book: The Bible
  • Author: JR Tolkien
  • Author: Adam Grant
  • Article: How to Reframe Anxiety

Connect with Kris

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Nick Urban is a Biohacker, Data Scientist, Athlete, Founder of Outliyr, and the Host of the Mind Body Peak Performance Podcast. He is a Certified CHEK Practitioner, a Personal Trainer, and a Performance Health Coach. Nick is driven by curiosity which has led him to study ancient medical systems (Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Hermetic Principles, German New Medicine, etc), and modern science.

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Music by Luke Hall

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