Potent Skincare Ingredients & Products

  |   EP77   |   36 mins.

Amitay Eshel

In this continuation of our interview with Amitay, we discuss the best ingredients, trends, diet, and products to optimize your skin health and radiate vitality.

And the one skincare product recommended for those of us without a routine.

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Episode highlights

"Peptides are like computer code for the body" Share on XDietary sugar is a signal for growth in the body Share on XCommon categories of skincare ingredients include: cellular renewal agents, antioxidants, peptide Share on XNormal resveratrol is toxic to the skin Share on X

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About Amitay

Amitay Eshel is an entrepreneur in the biohacking and beauty fields. He has held executive roles in the health, wellness, and beauty industry for over a decade, as well as being a business development consultant in that space. As co-founder and CEO of Young Goose, the biohacking skincare company, and host of the Young Goose’s Biohacking Beauty podcast, Amitay has been making waves in his industry through education and innovation. Young Goose embodies his two passions, performance optimization, and skin health, with products that boost the functions of natural rejuvenation processes in the skin.

Top things you’ll learn from Amitay Eshel

  • The three types of skincare ingredients
  • Dangers of overusing retinol and skin renewal products
  • Top skincare ingredients Young Goose uses
  • Sirtuins and NAD are the molecules of life
  • Retinol should be paired with supportive ingredients
  • Algae extract that’s a great senolytic
  • How to increase HLA levels for hydrated skin
  • Powerful antioxidant alternative to C60
  • Resveratrol is toxic to the skin (and what to do about it)
  • Does oral HLA supplementation work?
  • GHK-Cu copper peptide and skin health
  • How sugar consumption (glycation) impacts your skin
  • Methylene blue in skincare products
  • Blue Cannatine nootropic cognitive enhancer
  • Peptide size (Daltons) and skin absorption
  • Melatonin and skincare
  • Glycine for collagen synthesis and more
  • Amitay uses TMG
  • Other polyphenols in skincare
  • Seed oils and skin health
  • How excess sugar consumption causes damage
  • Simple hack to reduce blood sugar spikes
  • Skin tags signal pre-diabetes
  • Young Goose’s all-in-one product for anyone wanting the simplest routine

Resources mentioned

  • Products: Young Goose Skincare (save 20% with code NICKURBAN)
  • Brain Enhancer: Blue Cannatine (save 10% with code URBAN)
  • Teacher: Jonathan Haidt
  • Teacher: Yuval Noah Harari
  • Teacher: Herodotus

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Nick Urban is a Biohacker, Data Scientist, Athlete, Founder of Outliyr, and the Host of the Mind Body Peak Performance Podcast. He is a Certified CHEK Practitioner, a Personal Trainer, and a Performance Health Coach. Nick is driven by curiosity which has led him to study ancient medical systems (Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Hermetic Principles, German New Medicine, etc), and modern science.

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Music by Luke Hall

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