Recovery Secrets From $45K Spent Optimizing Sleep

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Sleep is the unsung backbone of long-term health and performance. Get it right, and everything becomes easier. Sleep quantity is possibly the less important half. In this sleep masterclass, you’ll learn from our guest’s expensive mistakes and what works great.

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Episode Highlights

The 7 major sleep disruptors

Sleep is one of the highest leverage activities to prioritize

Which is better, side sleeping or back sleeping

Tweak to effortlessly improve brain detox while sleeping

Do wearables & sleep trackers actually have value?

55 prototypes and iterations led to these core ingredients in Sleep Breakthrough

How to get 50-300% better results from your supplements

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About Matt Gallant

Matt Gallant is the CEO and Co-Founder of BiOptimizers and has a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology. He’s been a strength and conditioning coach for multiple pro-athletes, a self-defense instructor, and has over 15 years of experience formulating supplements. He’s also a serial entrepreneur that’s built over 13 profitable companies.

Top things you’ll learn from Matt Gallant

  • Why Matt spent $45K on sleep
  • Matt’s daily habits
  • The 7 Major Sleep Disruptors
  • Dr Walker’s influence on sleep
  • Warning to those that live by: “I’ll sleep when I am dead”
  • Sleeping 10+ hours is also associated with poor health
  • The healthier you become, the less sleep you need
    • Must be in pitch black bedroom
    • Temperature (room & sheets) is another major factor
    • OOLER or Eight Sleep products
    • Best sleep position is on back
    • Side sleeping vs back sleeping vs front sleeping
    • Side sleeping benefits and drawbacks
    • Critical that entire body is in a straights line
    • Raising head of bed
    • Glymphatic drainage
  • Basic sleep architecture
  • 2 factors that destroy sleep more than anything
  • Ayurveda’s take on Circadian Science & bedtime “Second Wind”
  • Importance of having a target bedtime
  • Why Matt likes self quant devices despite their inaccuracy in sleep stage tracking
  • Nervous system health leads to quality of life
  • The dark side of the Oura ring
  • Dream Optimizer & how BiOptimizers makes products
    • Internal research shows increased magnesium bioavailability by combining forms of mag
    • 55 prototypes of Sleep Breakthrough
  • Melatonin and genes
  • DARPA tried to increase the amplitude of delta waves and dramatically improved learning
  • PEMF didnt work for him
  • 3 main focuses of sleep optimization
  • Insomniacs are about 30% deficient in GABA
    • Why Sleep Breakthrough uses pharmaGABA
  • Insomniacs also have hyperactive beta brainwaves
    • 2 molecules to shift out of beta brain waves dominance
  • Unprocessed trauma can surface when you get more REM
  • The average person has 300-500 micro-traumas even in very healthy childhoods
  • P3OM is great for GABA production which peaks about 8 hours later
  • Tryptophan
  • Biopathways > Molecules > Cofactors
    • “Cofactors can improve results 50-300%”
  • “Dose creates the effect”
  • Peptides or other molecules?
  • Epitalon helped reset timers and improved sleep
  • Glycine + taurine
    • How glycine benefits sleep
  • P5P bioactive form of vitamin B6 and a cofactor of magnesium that helps convert into serotonin
  • Matt has used cyclical keto for 30 years
  • “People tend to overprioritize vitamins and underprize minerals”
    • How potassium improves sleep
    • “Sodium excited neurons, potassium quiets them down”
  • Other ingredients in Sleep Breakthrough
    • Why bamboo extract
  • The new science of melatonin
  • When to use melatonin
  • Brain optimization & maximization with neurofeedback
    • Neurofeedback and sleep
  • Matt used TRT for 6 years
  • Natural testosterone optimization product coming
  • Combining quantitative and qualitative sleep metrics
  • New brain training device (read my review)
  • Nootopia & BiOptimizers code URBAN saves 10%

Resources mentioned

  • Book: The Body Keeps The Score
  • Gear: Eight Sleep Technology
  • Gear: Oura ring
  • Supplement: BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough
  • Supplement: CollaGenius
  • Article: Sensai Brain Training Headset Review

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Music by Luke Hall

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