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Mind Body Peak Performance Podcast Episode 4

Boost Your Energy Levels Naturally By Doing Less

Podcast Player Episode highlights About Angela Mepham Angela Mepham, an Energy Optimization Specialist, has spent over a decade researching how to cultivate energy to create a massive impact in people’s lives. From business to innovation, from relationships to wellbeing, Energy Fuels Excellence. Angela is a professional speaker, educator, coach and consultant, and the Founder of … Read more

Trish Whetstone (Feel Good Gut Girl) Interview

Heal the Gut to Strengthen the Brain

Podcast Player Episode highlights About Trish Whetstone Trish is The Feel Good Gut Coach, a holistic health specialist, stress expert and intuitive eating advocate. She became a certified coach to help herself after years of struggling with IBS, and now she helps others through nutrition, stress management and lifestyle change, so they can feel good in … Read more

Mind Body Peak Performance Podcast Episode 1

The Mysterious Cause of Your Nagging Symptoms?

Podcast Player Episode highlights About Ashley Peeler Ashley Peeler is a wellness coach that specializes in Pre/Post Natal Corrective Exercise & Toxic Exposure. She got her start when working in Europe lobbying for safe chemicals. After protecting EU citizens, she returned to the US where she discovered radical differences. Rather than overhauling her clients’ lifestyles, … Read more

Mind Body Peak Performance Podcast Episode 0

Welcome to the Mind Body Peak Performance Show

Podcast Player Episode highlights Resources mentioned Outliyr Biohacking for Performance Connect with Nick Urban Instagram – @mindbodypeakperformance Twitter – @nicholasurban_ YouTube – Mind Body Peak Performance Facebook – Nick Urban LinkedIn – Nicholas Urban What did you think about this episode? Drop a comment below or leave a review on Apple Music to let me … Read more