Law of Similars, Constitutional Medicine, Holistic Homeopathy

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Jerry Kantor

Homeopathy is often viewed as an ineffective pseudoscientific scam. Knowledgeable practitioners, however, get great results for their clients. Usually, as a last resort when other systems fail. This conversation unpacks the science, mechanisms, and use cases of homeopathy.

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Episode Highlights

Acute illness detoxifies while chronic illness informs”

Characteristics of a substance/remedy matched to a human constitution

Homeopathy once was the standard of care and is still a primary medicine around the world

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About Jerry Kantor

Jerry M. Kantor is the author of four other books: Interpreting Chronic Illness, the Convergence of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy and Biomedicine; The Toxic Relationship Cure, Clearing Traumatic Damage from a Boss, parent, lover or Friend with natural, drug-free remedies; Autism Reversal Toolbox, Strategies, Remedies and; under a pseudonym, Heymischer Homeopathy, the Schmendrick’s Guide to Remedying Yiddish Kvetches. He holds a BA in Philosophy from Queens College, CUNY, a Masters in the Management of Human Services from Brandeis University, and is a graduate of the Advanced Acupuncture Program for Foreign Students, Nanjing College of Traditional Medicine, Nanjing Peoples Republic of China.

Mr. Kantor’s Boston area acupuncture and homeopathy practice specializes in pediatrics, mental illness, autism spectrum ailments, autoimmune conditions, and infertility. He lectures and teaches across North America, and is a faculty member and board member of the British Institute of Homeopathy. He was the first acupuncturist granted an academic appointment at Harvard Medical School’s Department of Anaesthesiology. A longtime practitioner of qi gong and tai qi, Jerry holds a fourth-degree black belt in the Japanese martial art Aikido.

Top things you’ll learn from Jerry Kantor

  • Acute illness detoxifies while chronic illness informs
  • Jerry’s non-negotiables for health, performance, & bioharmony
  • What is homeopathy?
  • What is the law of similars?
  • What is the law of inculcation?
  • What is the vital force?
  • Lead has a consciousness
  • Homeopathy vs conventional medicine
  • People are not cars
  • The analogy of the key and the keyhole
  • Creating a keyhole profile of a person
  • Qualitative vs quantitative approaches in modern medicine
  • The trituration theory/form
  • Jerry’s background – How he got into homeopathy
  • What is phenomenology and how it works?
  • History of and sentiments towards homeopathy around the world
  • Jerry’s diagnosis, treatment, and prescription process
  • Spiritual forensics
  • To a homeopath, the past matters more than the present
  • The remedy is a permission slip to the subconscious
  • The spiritual forensics process
  • How does homeopathy compare to modern medicine in detecting symptoms?
  • Homeopathy enhances your progress through karma
  • How does the success of homeopathic remedies compare to that of modern medicine?
  • Psychopharm is harmful?
  • What stood out for Jerry as he carried out research for his book ‘Sane Asylums’?
  • Mary Todd Lincoln’s madness was treated with homeopathy?
  • When you steal history you close off possibilities.
  • Acupuncture was once considered illegal
  • You can’t kill something that’s a law of nature
  • Existential questions don’t have a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer
  • In homeopathy, the differences in people matter more than the similarities
  • Are all fevers dangerous?
  • Does over-the-counter homeopathic medicine work?

Resources mentioned

  • Book: Book of Changes and Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Book: Repertory of the Homeopathic Materia Medica
  • Book: Attack with Mikhail Tal (Cadogan Chess Books)
  • Book: Stanley Kubrick’s Dr. Strangelove

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Music by Luke Hall

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