The “Brown’s Gas” Miracle for Health, Performance, & Vitality

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Science is uncovering miraculous powers of molecular hydrogen (H2). But did you know it has a superior relative called Brown’s Gas?

This gas brings all bodily systems back into optimal health. Despite what you may have heard about Brown’s Gas (AKA Oxyhydrogen or HHO), this gas is also quite safe.

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Episode Highlights

Brown’s Gas is highly safe and 30+% more beneficial than molecular hydrogen

The right form of lye is not dangerous, and the design of the AquaCure AC50 prevents any potential issues

Benefits of Brown’s Gas are incalculable for both sick and healthy users looking for an ergogenic performance boost

George replaced coffee with BG since it profoundly and stably energizes with no side effects

Injuries can repair incredibly fast with no signs of lingering damage (ie scars) from therapeutic Brown’s Gas usage

Doctors, researchers, and prominent health practitioners use AquaCure for a reason

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About George Wiseman

George Wiseman has changed entire industries with his innovations. George started working with Brown’s Gas in 1986, creating practical machines to apply this amazing gas in applications such as Fuel Saving, Torch-Fuel Gas, and Radioactive Neutralization. He’s recognized worldwide and renowned for the practical applications of Brown’s Gas.

His customers told him of their astonishing healings using Brown’s Gas. When he used it on himself, he experienced the same substantial health improvements. The AquaCure machine is specifically optimized to safely provide Brown’s Gas for Health. George’s mission is to get one into every home.

Top things you’ll learn from George Wiseman

  • What is Brown’s Gas
  • Overview of the health benefits of Brown’s Gas
  • Now George inhales 12 hours per day
  • Health is addictive, especially having NO aches and pains
  • “It doesn’t matter if it’s hydrogen or Brown’s Gas, but Brown’s Gas is 30% more efficacious”
  • “I have the wherewithal to work with any tech on the planet, and I choose Brown’s Gas because I’ve found it to be the most therapeutic”
  • Anti-aging & cosmetic benefits of Brown’s Gas
  • H2 vs Brown’s Gas
  • How Brown’s Gas is different
  • Brown’s Gas contains 6 constituents
  • Brown’s Gas is super H2
  • What is electrically expanded water (ExW)
  • Spanish study showed that 6X less Brown’s Gas is more effective than H2 water
  • The main differences between Brown’s Gas vs H2
  • Hydrogen alone isn’t as powerful as when it also has energy (brick vs house)
  • Brown’s Gas keeps you alert and your brain online
  • How Brown’s Gas helps dementia
  • Brown’s Gas can generate too much energy
  • Popular influencers misunderstand Brown’s Gas
  • Lye is a helpful and non-dangerous catalyst in electrolyzers
  • Potassium hydroxide vs sodium hydroxide
  • Is inhaling lye in Brown’s Gas safe?
  • Third-party safety testing of Brown’s Gas confirms no impurities
  • Is Brown’s Gas welder’s gas mixed with water?
  • 100% effective in scientific studies
  • Only negative side effect is potential healing crisis
  • Benefits for pain and swelling
  • “Burns shown to heal 3X faster with no scarring”
  • Who’s using AquaCure
  • Korean bar has sold Brown’s Gas treatments casually like a cup of coffee since at least 2015
  • The benefits George experiences from inhaling Brown’s Gas
  • Are H2 tablets safe & effective
  • 12 seconds of Brown’s Gas is more therapeutic than 1L of normal H2 tablet-infused water
  • Lifetime cost of tablets vs AquaCure AC50 comparison
  • 1 hr of AquaCure AC50 inhalation is about $0.20
  • Why AquaCure machines come with a 1 year satisfaction guarantee + lifetime warranty
  • Future of medicine with AquaCure systems

Resources mentioned

  • Machine: AquaCure AC50 Brown’s Gas Machine (save 15% with code URBAN)
  • Article: AquaCure AC50 Brown’s Gas Machine Science & Review

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Nick Urban is a Biohacker, Data Scientist, Athlete, Founder of Outliyr, and the Host of the Mind Body Peak Performance Podcast. He is a Certified CHEK Practitioner, a Personal Trainer, and a Performance Health Coach. Nick is driven by curiosity which has led him to study ancient medical systems (Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Hermetic Principles, German New Medicine, etc), and modern science.

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Music by Luke Hall

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