Optimal Sauna Protocols, Junk Light, Heat Therapy PT2

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Brian Richards 1

Light & heat play profound roles in human biology. This conversation will help you optimize your “light diet”.

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Episode Highlights

Every culture around the world has a sauna practice

Sauna reduces the risk of death and dementia

The sun is an incandescent light source

20-30% of proteins aren’t folded correctly by the ribosomes and heat shock proteins through the sauna can help

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About Guest

Brian Richards is a nationally known expert in sauna therapy, light science, EMF science. In 2008 Brian transformed his health by creating his own incandescent electric light bath. In 2013, he founded SaunaSpace®, a company that combines cutting-edge incandescent infrared technology with the age-old practice of sauna.

In 2023, he brings a refreshing approach to natural living, biohacking, and natural health transformation.

Top things you’ll learn from Guest

  • Brian’s non-negotiables for his health, performance, & bioharmony
  • Jnantik coffee alternative
  • Vibroacoustic therapy with the inHarmony sound bed
  • How Brian got into the Sauna industry
  • Every culture around the world has a sauna practice
  • Dr. John Kellogg’s “Electric Light Bath” improved Brian’s sleep
  • Dr. Rhonda Patrick popularized sauna usage
  • Evolution of light therapy and saunas
  • Sun is an incandescent light source
  • Brian’s personal home lighting setup
  • SaunaSpace Photon
  • Near-infrared spectrum partially cancels out blue light
  • Tiny lifestyle tweaks with major effects
  • The sun is 70% near-infrared when measured by photons
  • Mimicking the sun’s natural light spectrum
  • The Impact of LED screen flicker & fluorescent light on our health
  • Fluorescent vs LED lighting (pros and cons of each)
  • The Iris Tech app is amazing for screen flicker and light
  • Ideal proximity of near-infrared light while working
  • Science and new research behind Sauna
  • Reduces all-cause mortality by 40+%
  • Those using the sauna more often had an additional 30% heart disease reduction
  • Regular use decreases dementia risk by 20-40%
  • Three key parameters of an ideal sauna session
  • How much water do you sweat out
  • Raise core body temp by 3 degrees
  • Subjective exhaustion with sauna therapy
  • How sauna benefits the body
  • Choosing a heating technology
  • EMF exposure and the biological effects of non-ionizing EMF stress
  • How to offset nn-EMF exposure
  • Hire a building biologist or read the book EMF*D
  • Ideal sauna duration to raise core body temperature
  • Certain clinics used hyperthermia and targeted hyperthermia
  • 24 Thorough list of health benefits of sauna
  • 13 Sauna for longevity (heat shock proteins)
  • 14 Red light vs near-infrared, visible light, blue light

Resources mentioned

  • Gear: Sauna Space

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Nick Urban is a Biohacker, Data Scientist, Athlete, Founder of Outliyr, and the Host of the Mind Body Peak Performance Podcast. He is a Certified CHEK Practitioner, a Personal Trainer, and a Performance Health Coach. Nick is driven by curiosity which has led him to study ancient medical systems (Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Hermetic Principles, German New Medicine, etc), and modern science.

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Music by Luke Hall

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