Minimum Effective (Optimal) Daily Routine

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Nick Urban 1

Resolutions are mostly abandoned within the first weeks of the New Year. How you live your day is how you’ll live your year (and life). Micro-wins become macro-success. This is how I simplify to amplify.

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Episode highlights

You can compress or expand your daily routine to fit any schedule Share on XDoing hard things early in the day builds momentum and makes the rest of the day easier Share on XA one-month metabolic reset provides the body & brain with beneficial change Share on XYou can still enjoy the season with some powerful and fun swaps for unhealthy vices Share on X

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About Nick Urban

Nick Urban is a wellness consultant, functional health coach, and Chek Practitioner. A former collegiate rugby and football athlete, Nick became frustrated with the conventional (inadequate) answers he got to seemingly simple questions. Insatiable curiosity led him to powerful solutions and strategies elsewhere. Every year Nick integrates hundreds of modern scientific studies with timeless traditional wisdom and anecdotal reports to help those achieve their own optimal performance. 

Nick founded Outliyr & the Mind Body Peak Performance podcast to share his exploration into the principles of bioharmonization and the resulting ultimate quality of life upgrade. By following the principles of bioharmony, you’ll find the vital 20% that yields 80% of the peak health & performance results. Only 1% of people ever reach their potential. Shortcut the process by joining the bioharmonizer tribe.

Top things you’ll learn from Nick

  • What’s an optimal day
  • Process goals vs outcome goals
  • Optimizing sleep routine
  • Nick’s recommendations for devices that reduce body temperature
  • Nick’s morning routine
  • Nick’s work routine
  • Nick’s healthy drink recommendations
  • Nick’s final thoughts

Resources mentioned

  • Gear: Keto Brick
  • Gear: Eight Sleep Pod 3 Cover
  • Article: Red Light Therapy Review (discounts in article)
  • Article: 9 Best Science-Backed Magnesium Supplements Review (discounts in article)
  • Article: IrisTech Review #1 Best Blue Light Filtering 
  • Article: OOLER Sleep System Review (ChiliPad 2.0) (click here & use code URBAN to save 20%)
  • Article: 9 Best Infrared Saunas For Your Homes (discounts in article)
  • Article: Hard Ketones (R1,3 Butanediol) Alcoholic Drink Review (click here & use code OUTLIYR15 to save 15%)
  • Article: TRU KAVA Review (click here & use code URBAN to save 10%)
  • Article: KetoneAid Ketones (click here & use code OUTLIYR to get special discount)
  • Video: Ancient Ayurvedic Routine (click here & use code URBAN to save 20% on Qualia Senolytic)
  • Video: Botanic Tonics Feel Free Drink Review (click here & use code URBAN40 to save 40%)

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