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Mark England

Your repeated thoughts turn into beliefs. Repeated beliefs into stories. Stories into words and actions. Ultimately shaping who you become and where your life goes.

A little attention to our thoughts, words, and stories can radically change our reality. This process can be quick and has long-lasting benefits

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About Mark England

Mark England is a TEDx speaker and co-founder and head coach of Enlifted. He has been researching, presenting, and coaching on the power of words and stories for the past 15 years. Mark holds a Masters degree in education and was an elementary school P.E. teacher before getting into personal development.

Top things you’ll learn from Mark England

  • Little known definition of ABRACADABRA
  • What is language
  • The victim mentality
  • Big overwhelming problems can have simple elegant solutions
  • Power of our thoughts and stories to create our reality
  • How to counter and stories of limitation and mindset
  • The dynamic, fluid, evolving nature of personal identity
  • Four ways language influences your identity
  • These four patterns script 85% of problematic self-stories
  • What is conflict language
  • Keywords of negation (ineffective communication strategy)
  • Breaking harmful language “spells”
  • Keywords of affirmation (effective communication strategy)
  • Projections are the hardest to correct
  • Amygdala hijack explained
  • Keywords of projection (ineffective communication strategy)
  • Projection provides short-term pain relief and long-term helplessness
  • Your own thoughts disrespect you more than anyone
  • Start improving your language by eliminating Soft Talk
  • How to double your confidence in 3 months, guaranteed
  • Keywords of Soft Talk (ineffective communication strategy)
  • Using Soft Talk to avoid hurting feelings
  • Your own comfort speaking directly impacts others
  • The undeniable power of intentional breathing
  • Context collapse and the invention of emojis
  • Two powerful tips to become a better speaker and storyteller
  • Binary language and the Reticular Activating System (RAS)
  • Benefits of slow reading
  • Quality of story determines your quality of life

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Nick Urban

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