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“Kambo” Animal Medicine: A Neurobiologist’s Key Tool for Healing & Transforming


Activating Your Internal Pharmacy, Accessing Non-Ordinary States, & Sustaining Peak Performance via Breath


The 36-Hour Fast in a Pill With Biomimetic Supplements


5,000 Year-Old Optimal Routine, Ayurvedic Lifestyle Bioharmony, The Ultimate “SuperSpices”, & The Science of Life


Fascinating Fascia: Link Between Connective Tissue, Posture, Emotion, Pain, Mobility, Injury & More


Biohacking Travel: How to Beat Jet Lag, Offset Damage, Stay Healthy & Enjoy Vacation

E 130

Ultimate Nutrition Bible Decoded: Reverse Dieting, Raw Food, Enzymes, Weight Loss, & Amino Acids


Ayurveda, Nootropics, Bioharmony, & Key Ancestral Health Principles

E 128

Laser Therapy Technology for Pain, Inflammation, Gut Health, Thyroid Optimization & Rapid Healing

E 127

Mastering Assertion, Leadership, Influence, Relationships, & “Mind Reading” Via Therapeutic Storytelling

E 126

Decades of Grief Resolved in 1 Hour, Dynamic Listening, Therapeutic Metaphors, Healing Through Stories

E 125

Ultimate 5-in-1 NeuroTech System for Max Intelligence, Focus, Motivation, Decision Making, Deep Sleep, Relaxation, Performance, Resilience, & Flow States

E 124

Future of Fitness: Muscle, Strength, Power, Cardio, & Rehab in 20 Mins Flat

EP 123

Russia’s Secret Remedies For Vision, Hearing, & Skin Restoration

E 122

Decoding Brain Energetics: Neurohacking For Motivation, Focus & Drive

E 121

Overcome Genetics & Optimize Your Epigenetics With an Evidence-Based Lifestyle

E 120

Plant-Based Minerals: Nature’s Nutritional Superheroes

E 119

Prebiotics, Probiotics, Postbiotics, Synbiotics, & a Fully Bioharmonized Gut

E 118

Ancient Eastern Wisdom + Advanced Western Medicine (Peptides, Bioregulators, Herbalism, Acupuncture, & More)

E 117

The Most Powerful Molecule You’ve Never Heard of?

E 116

Polyphenols, NAD+, Echo Dosing, Carb Backloading, Nootropics, Adaptogens, & Trauma (Supplement Masterclass)

Copy of E 115 1

Pulsed Red Light Therapy, Brain Health, Energy, Mood, Hormones, Lasers

E 114

Shredded in 30 Days: The Ultimate Fat Loss Protocol (Part 2)

E 113

Harnessing Therapeutic Testosterone & Peptides to Optimize Mind, Body & Spirit (P1)

E 112

U.S. Military Spent $6M Researching This Brain & Body Super Fuel

E 111

LVLUP Health Oral Peptides, Organ Support, & Biosynergistic Supplement Formulas

E 110

Melatonin, Methylene Blue, Mitochondria, & Pioneering Regenerative Medicine

E 109

Animal vs Plant Nutrition, Whole Foods, Phytonutrients, & Soil Health

E 108

Vibroacoustic Therapy: How to Heal With Sound

E 107

Unlocking the Benefits of the Endocannabinoid System

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